How Lazy Are We At Work?

My friend Marta Eichstaedt found interesting article regarding how lazy are we at work? by Diana Adams at bitrebels site.

I think (as Diana Adams said) there are few types of employees – those a little bit older might NOT ‘waste time’ (on social media) as much as those younger once. Why? ….because they are not that much into tweeting/texting/facebook/etc. when younger employees – are looking for possibility to use social media tools as often as possible.
I was wondering that it is a little bit different in Poland. Why? I think that there is still some young employees who don’t have that need to be online all the time. Maybe that’s cultural differences, maybe because it’s difficult to provide internet so easily in Poland.

For last few years people were ‘crazy’ about social media – being online is so trendy 😉 ok but….is there a new group of people getting stronger – people how don’t want to be online that often?
I think that there will be more and more people who will try to be offline more often but at the same time the group of people who are online almost all the time will be bigger too.

So what next? bigger diversity?


2 thoughts on “How Lazy Are We At Work?

  1. I believe there will always be the ones that “do enough” just to get by and collect the paycheck and ones that are prisoner to the “code of ethic” and do are the rules police that do absolutely nothing wrong and annoy everyone reminding people they are good! Truth of the matter is…temptation is there and I would like to say (in my humble opinion) more often then not, people admitting it or not, people are doing this. Not usually to be deceptive…but to break up the monotony of the day. Yes, I believe this is something that should be done during our breaks. I have noticed the ones that are not doing the social media…are doing the games. So they may say…I don’t go online to those things because work is for work…but I see them on Pogo or playing solitaire on their computers. So everyone has their thing that keeps them sane while working…what is yours?

    1. Aimee. Thank you for your comment.
      I agree with you – everyone needs some time to relax and think/do something different (except work) for a while. AND after that ‘moment’ it’s time to get back to work. Unfortunately for some of them that ‘moment’ takes a lot of time during work 🙂

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