Future of Media

I just read/watched Chris Brogan latest post regarding future of the media. He pointed out few very interesting things about media:

  • will be multi-touch
  • will be mobile
  • will be serial
  • will be subscription-based
  • and few more (which you can check on Chris www)
  • I would like to concentrate on the part

    media will be subscription-based.

    Chris has a theory that people might not buy e.g. book, but instead start subscribing books. I am thinking that people are already subscribing to many websites but at the same time I think it’s just the beginning – it will be more and more common thing to do. The case is that people not always need the ‘whole book’ but just a few chapters (exactly like it is with songs – which we can buy online separately) .
    The other aspect is the

    media will be mobile

    and would say that they already are. Just lets look around how many people are using mobiles and what kind of mobile phones. It means also that there should be more and more application (training apps) on mobiles. Companies should also think about standardization of mobile systems. So far we have few most popular but I think it’s still too many, we should have 2 major once so it will be EASIER for users to buy and use applications.

    I like also the comment J.T. O’Donnell made on youtube to Chris post. You can check it here. J.T. pointed out that people are using too many social media tools, instead creating one good strategy and use one/two tools and stick with it. I would even say that it’s good to check/test one strategy and after a while make sure it works – if not move on and try something else.

  • more information about Chris Borgan you can find checking his blog
  • more information about J.T.O’Donnell you can find checking her www
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