Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead

old street lampI just found out that there is a book called “Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead” by Neil Strauss. And it makes me think (that’s something new today 😉 about those words

Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead

is it true? well first of all I should say that NOT everyone will love you when you dead but somehow I think that many people will like us more when we’re dead. But what if we try harder every day…if we try to improve our life more every day…..step by step better, maybe then some people will like/love us more BEFORE we’re dead? So why not to try, start working harder every day, to make sure we are becoming better a little bit every day? Why is so hard to do that right now instead waiting till is too late?
Don’t wait —start doing something today! be better every day 🙂

wow! that was really something different today – but maybe it’s because today is Sunday 😉


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