Woman – own you own success

parkI just watched TEDwomen video of Sheryl Sandberg “Why we have too few women leaders”

You can watch the video — here

I am very much impressed by what Sheryl said about differences and reasons why women are not often leaders compering to man.

Sheryl said:

“No one gets to the corner office by sitting on a side not on the table.”

I am wondering why women are choosing (or maybe not) the side not the table? Why only few of us are actually feel free to ‘sit by the table’ and be a leader?

“No one gets the promotion if they don’t think they deserve their success.”

Women often think that they don’t deserve success, they they need to work harder, they need to be stronger, etc. I am asking myself WHY is that? Does our parents did want the best for us – no matter boy or girl?

“own your own success.”

Nobody will give us success, we have to work to get it – but I strongly believe we can achieve that.

“Women systematically underestimate their own abilities.”

Why women don’t want to agree that they can be and they are strong and they are able to do many things. So (again) why it’s so hard to believe we can do that? I am not saying that ALL women underestimate their abilities…I know some who are strong and they good leaders but again I know way many more who don’t believe they are good ‘enough’. So the question again is: WHY? Who is doing that? our parents, and before them their parents to them?
Someone can say that boys and girls are different – and I am not say we are the same….but over the centuries in some areas we are similar and if we are different we can work together and do more good.

There is the same question left: Why is that girls need to work harder to believe that they can achieve success?


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