should we motivate others?

Daniel Pink talks about human motivation. How we are running our businesses.

So we thought that if we want people to work better we reward them by giving more money/bonuses/etc. – does it work? Daniel Pink think that NOT really, he said that all those motivators are actually blocking creativity.

‘There’s a mismatch between what science knows and what business does’

…about human motivation. Daniel thinks that ‘carrot and stick’ motivation worked in XX century but not any longer in XXI century.

check what is the ‘candle problem’.

What is interesting is:

‘As long as the task involved only mechanical skill, bonuses worked as they would be expected: the higher they pay, the better the performance. But once the task called for a longer reward <led to poorer performance. (…) in eight of the nine tasks we examined across the thress experiments, higher incentives led to worse performance.'

/D. Ariely, U. Gneezy, G. Lowenstein, N. Mazar, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Working Paper No. 05-11, July 2005; NY Times, 20 Nov. 08/

The new approach is that people will do something because they LIKE it – not because they are getting bigger reward.
Lets check how it works 🙂 e.g. Google is decided their engeeniers time between 80% – regular tasks and 20% – time during which all of them are working on their own projects (whatever they want).

it’s all about:

  • autonomy
  • mastery
  • purpose

  • …and another version of that topic (also by D. Pink)


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