How to Plan and Manage Contests and Promotions

street sign1I just read Mitch Arnowitz article at social media today“10 Tips for Successful Social Media Contest & Promotions”

Mitch gave us very interesting insight regarding contests and promotions through social media. He shared 10 tips and I found few of them very interesting (of all 10 are very useful and we need to remember about all of them). Those which I found really great but at the same easy to forget are:

  • you have to get people involved – whatever we are doing on-line (e.g. promotion, etc.) we need to remember to involve people in that project. They need to feel they are part of it
  • “make it simple” -just think how many people will give up if they see that the contest is very complicated and not easy to understand. Ok, if your goal is to have only few participants that’s fine but if you are thinking about bigger scale then make it simple
  • don’t forget about rules – simple but good contest’s regulation will help you and participants in case of problems

The rest of 10 tips you can find at the social media today site – here is the link

Mitch Arnowitz is a managing director of Washington, DC – based digital communications firm Tuvel Communications.


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