Women and Facebook friends

I just read the article “How Women really feel about their Facebook friends” by Jolie O’Dell

Jolie said that there have been some research done (daily deals site Eversave talked to 400 women) regarding women and their Facebook friends.
Among the data we can find information such as:

The respondents also said at least one of their Facebook friends tended to:

* Share too many mundane updates too often (65%)
* “Like” too many posts (46%)
* Inappropriately or too frequently use Facebook to promote causes (40%)
* Project false information or images of a perfect life (40%)

…and that information just lead me to the conclusion: booo hooo – REALLY? come on, it’s NOT only about women, it’s about men too – same issues. If you don’t believe just check your Facebook friends’ list and stop for a sec. and think — what kind of people you have there on the list. Of course you will find some ‘drama queen’/ hyper-active writers/people who are living in a ‘fantasy’ world/etc. But that’s all about Facebook and your ‘friends’ there.

There are over 500mln+ people on Facebook, just be sure you will find every possible type of personality there as well. And if you think that’s not true – well, wait a while and you will see.


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