Amazon’s Cloud Drive

stadium lights…so what is that Amazon’s Cloud Drive? I have noticed that more and more companies trying to provide users with “cloud” services (Facebook is working on that too, Google did, etc.)

This time Amazon wants to offer users something I want to call that “storage place on-line“. Amazon’s users can now storage they videos/music/photos/documents/etc. on Amazon’s cloud drive.
how to use it?

  • upload files from your computer
  • your files are stored on-line
  • access from any place (well you need internet connection)

Ohh and for free you will be able to have 5GB space for your stuff. For those of you who think that 5GB is not enough, Amazon has another – PAID – option of 20GB/50GB/100GB/200GB/1000GB
This time I think that there is a big option that we can, e.g. have a backup storage place for our documents/videos/mp3/etc.

My question is how good Amazon secure that cloud drive?


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