What’s the Cloud Computing and On-line Storage

stop sign3In my opinion OF COURSE WE NEED — it’s useful, you can use so many apps and simply you have another storage place! most of them are for free so now worries about payments but then you have place (cloud) where you can go to/have access 24/7 from every place with internet access. You can share information/data/photos/etc. with others.
The only one thing is that you have to be aware that all of your files/information you will storage on-line — even if the access is password protected you need to ask yourself a question:

  1. what if somehow other people can get to your data you storage on-line?
  2. what if you lose all that data?
    …just as a reminder:
  1. keep all of your important data (that which you don’t want to lose) on external hd
  2. make a decision what information you will storage on-line and what you will keep in a safe place
    some of the places where you can storage your data online:
  1. Google docs
  2. Windows Live SkyDrive
  3. Amazon MP3 & Cloud Player
  4. Dropbox — 2GB for free
  5. box — 5GB for free, if you need more – you need to pay
  6. mozy — 50GB for $5.99/month or 125GB for $9.99
  7. CloudMe — is a web-based file storage service that you can access directly from your mobile or your browser. 3GB – is for free, for 25GB or 100GB you need to pay
  8. eyeOS –desktop in cloud
  9. Panda Cloud Antivirus — it’s for free 🙂
  10. Google code
  11. salesforce –CRM and cloud computing

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