Wireless Devices to Your Home Network

warsaw's streetI always had a problem to remember all those names of wireless devices to home network. So I search on-line and I found some information at About.com

  • Wireless Print Servers — you can connect printers and then they can be shared via WIFI network. It means you can place your printers wherever you want in your home, because they are connected to your computers wireless. Remember to connect your printer(s) to the wireless print server by a network cable (e.g. USB 2.0). Oh, and don’t forget to connect the wireless print server to router 🙂
  • Wireless Routers — (my favorite one) — that’s the heart of the home network. Computers, wireless network adapters, etc. are connected to router. They contain a network switch to allow computers to be connected with ethernet cables. To wireless router you can connect cable modem and DSL. A lot of routers have built-in firewall.
  • Wireless Access Point — in your home network helps you to extend that network. Access point is connected to router.
  • Wireless Network Adapter (PC Card, PCMCIA which you can insert into a slot in your laptop, or Adapters which you can insert into your computer via USB)– basically helps to connect device to wireless LAN.
  • Wireless Game Adapter — for all of those who love games and they want to be (not)wired — this adapter can be connected to wireless router or over WIFI.
  • Wireless Internet Video Camera — something you can use a security tool. Computers connect to Wireless Internet Video Camera e.g. using web browser. You can connect to wireless router (via ethernet cable or wireless).

all above information I found on About.com


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