First Test of Prezi App

prezi_appWhat do you know about How it works? Why you should use prezi and not powerpoint? Will prezi change the “powerpoint world”? So what for do we need prezi?

I am not sure whether prezi will change the way we are creating presentations. People got used to Microsoft Office and as long as they have powerpoint on their desktops/laptops – they will use it.

Prezi (international launch in 2009) is offering something old in new version: in my opinion the main concept is based on mind-mapping and it’s exactly how it works.

Powerpoint is like a book (slide after another) vs. 1 whiteboard prezi where you can add as much content as you want or as less as you need but still everything on one page. That’s why it’s something old (mind-mapping) and new – app which allows you to create presentation.

Is prezi strong enough to compete with powerpoint? I don’t think so, Microsoft is too big and powerpoint has way much more features.

Will prezi change the presentation world? I am not sure, I think that people how needs to present ‘hard data‘ will stay with powerpoint, and those who love something ‘more’ creative will try to implement prezi. Unfortunately there are still some problemswith the application prezi needs to figure them out…but it’s matter of time.

So what for do we need prezi? This app is still relatively new (comparing to powerpoint) and I assume it’s not their last word – they designers from prezi will try to show us something more (more features?).

prezi-bubble-menuPrezi app is user-friendly, much more than powerpoint – maybe because they have less features than Microsoft is offering their users. The only one problem is that you have to use the web-based app (on prezi website) and if you chose the free (public) package – your presentation will available to the public. So whether you purchased the the $59 or $159/yr packages or you will be stuck with the public option.

You can ask: ok but I need to pay for powerpoint as well to use it. That’s true but if you create gmail account you can use google docs and powerpoint as well (of course it won’t have as many features as the ‘normal’ version) but still you will be able to use it/share with others (secure it or publish). You can always use the openoffice

So is it worth to use prezi app? Yes, I think it is worth to use this application, it’s something new, something different you can use to present your content…and you always can get back to powerpoint.


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