How IKEA is Testing Their Products?

Twitter toolsWhat happened if:
you hire a man who is playing on a chair every day by the entrance to the subway station in Warsaw + IKEA chairs = new marketing campaign

Everybody (in Warsaw) knows Paul ‘the chair’ – a man who plays on a chair every day in front of the entrance to the ‘center’ Subway Station. No matter sunny/rainy/snowy day – he is playing on the char using 2 sticks. It’s hard to say what kind of music he is playing, but he is doing that EVERY DAY.

JWT Warsaw – PR agency which works for IKEA decided that they can use “Paul the Chair” in one of the IKEA PR campaigns.

The IKEA Warsaw fans decided which chair Paul would test. They posted the test results every day. They gained new fans through the Facebook page. Within 7 days, the number of IKEA Warsaw fans increased by 70% and it’s still rising.


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