How to Slow Down with Social Media Applications?

snail on the wallDo you have enough strength to switch off your iphone/laptop/tablet for a moment and be able to spend some time with your family and friends?
or maybe you feel so bad – so disconnected from the world – that after 15 min. you need to get back on-line?
or maybe you are someone who is tired of all social media applications, and need some time off?

“de-teching” – is the moment in our lives when we decide to stay away from digital communication. De-teching is a new trend in 2011. People are overwhelmed (sometimes) by all those hi-tech gadgets and they, simply, need short break to re-charge batteries, to spend some time with their friends and family face-to-face.

jwtintelligence team created a video of 10 trends in 2011:

or you can always just slow down and do what Erica Swallow on Mashable recommends in her article: “How to: Use Social Media During Your Family Vacation”.

“We all have that one family member that just can’t detach himself from technology. On that hypothetical beach vacation, this chap couldn’t be bothered to peel his eyes off his Twitter feed and heaven forbid if you ask him to turn off his iPhone. Then again, maybe that über-connected social mediaite is you.”

some of Erica’s recommend:

  • use local apps — find nearby recommendations what to see, where to go (search via foursquare – explore tab and Gowalla)
  • Twitter – check your hotel, restaurants, etc. Twitter accounts, to get updates from places near you. I would add to follow Facebook as well, you can find there some discounts, special offers, etc.
  • take pictures/make videos – and upload them online so your friends and family can see where you are. To do that use picasa, flickr, youtube

…for more information, check Erica’s article.


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