Tablet: Top 4 Questions to Ask Before You Buy

cherries…so you want to buy a tablet?
Whether it would be iPad2, Acer, Adam, Samsung Galaxy or other you should stop for a second and ask yourself 4 questions:

  1. applications — most of the time tablet is all about applications so make sure that there is a big number of applications available to your tablet in case you want to use them. Some companies don’t have that many applications available than others
  2. user friendly environment — make sure that there is easy access to applications/updates/etc. online. That you can login to one place online and take care of all of that.
  3. customer service — make sure if there is a good quality service online/via phone so you can talk to customer service representative and ask for help/information
  4. price — how much are you willing to pay for the tablet? iPad: up to $830, Samsung Galaxy: up to $429, Acer: for $449

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