How to Increase Number of Your Twitter Followers?

dogs sleep…so you want to become a big player on Twitter and drive traffic to your business?

I attended a really interesting and ‘fast’ webinar by Chris Plourde from Insomnia Marketing Group

Chris explained how we can drive traffic via Twitter or more specific: what we need to do to get more followers on Twitter.

few of Chris’ tips:

  • follow people who follow you — if you won’t follow those who follow you, they might un-follow you
  • Twitter Direct Message — remember to send ‘thank you” DM to those who follow you + add link to your Linkedin/Facebook account to stay connected in the rest of Big Trio (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter)
  • use Twitter search — to find more people to follow
  • Twitter counter — provides statistics of Twitter usage and tracks. Free application
  • twittercounter.chart_may 2011

  • follow people from your niche — follow people who follow your “Twitter superstars’ from your niche
  • use 3rd party apps — e.g. TweetDeck, HootSuite, etc. – help you to organize your social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, wordpress, Linkedin)
  • TweetAdder — Automate Twitter Promotion & Marketing application. All Prices are one time (Lifetime Updates on Program)

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