12 Ways to Sync, Store and Share Files On-line

animal_three ducks2I was attending the “Share, Store and Sync” meeting provided by Joe Parla.

Have you been wondering how to store your files on-line just in case if something happen to your computer or in case if you need to have an access to your files while away from home?

  • emails –> you can store/maintain your email directly online using gmail | hotmail | yahoo | etc.
  • on-line storage –> box.net, Dropbox
  • on-line backup –> Carbonite, Mozy, iDrive, Backblaze
  • Cloud services –> Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft
    Sharing applications
  • picasa –> to share pictures, videos
  • amazon –> to share and store music, pictures, ebooks
  • apple–> iCloud
  • google docs –> share (collaborate) presentations, word files, excel files, forms
  • microsoft cloud

Before you decide which application to use to share/sync/store your files please remember:

  • check the price –> some applications are for free or at least they are offering the basic version for free
  • check the access –> make sure what kind of access you will have to the application (via device, web-based app, etc.)
  • check the size –> make sure how much space are available. If you want to make a backup of your computer folders you need a lot of GB available
  • check the security options –> how well those applications are secure

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