Why I want to be a Linchpin?

bus stop bilboard during winterWhat is that Linchpin?


    A person or thing vital to an enterprise or organization

Yes, I want to be a Linchpin – that person who is important to the organization – person who is pro-active, who wants to create added value, who is a foundation of the company.

Thank you Seth Godin – now I know that I was Linchpin and I still want to be.


2 thoughts on “Why I want to be a Linchpin?

  1. Yes… The book Linchpin changed my perspective wholeheartedly, for the better! And I too, want to be a Linchpin! Its a must read for anyone who is looking to make sense of the new workplace and their role in it.

  2. I guess there are still so many people who feel they: don’t have to not don’t need to change. But there are also people who are afraid to do that.

    This book is a -step-by-step guidebook.

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