7 Ways How to Improve Your Resume?

…a lot!

    Did you check how your resume look like? When was the last time when you updated your resume? (and it doesn’t matter whether you have a job or you are looking for a job).

Did you google yourself? Not yet? Try it, find out what other people (potential employers or recruiters) can find about you on-line.

7 ways what you can do with your resume:

  • create it –> that’s good start, right? that’s just in case if you didn’t write one. Why you should do that? It’s good to collect all important information about your career (you never know when you might need it).
  • paper version –> classic. Do you know that some people do not have the paper version of their resume – why? because they don’t need to. But they still have resume – just in electronic version
  • .pdf / .doc files –> when you wrote your resume, remember to save it in few different type of files: .pdf – looks most professional (and you know that the recipient of your resume will see it exactly in the same layout as you) .doc (Microsoft Office Word) – some companies/recruiters ask for .doc version.
  • infographic –> yes it’s true, you can create your resume in different way. Here’s some great resumes (I found them via Mashable:


  • on-line resume –> on Linkedin profile, where you can contact with many other professionals from your area + all over the world
  • on-line resume –> flavors.me, your on-line business card, which can looks like this:
  • video resume –> ohh yes, yes you can record your own video resume. And you don’t have to be graphic designer nor movie director to create your own video-resume. You can simply do it yourself using applications available, e.g. videoBIO or use free apps like: youtube video or Windows Live Movie Maker, or many other apps.

Maybe you should think about adding charts to your resume – think what kind of charts/graphs you can create (and I believe you can). Don’t worry, it should be something simple. The reason why it’s good to add some charts is to drag someone’s attention. They won’t remember all the details you wrote but they will remember that chart where you presented some information, etc.

Few more How-tos upgrade your resume you can find on Mashable:


    Give your resume a boost and be more visible in professional world.

4 thoughts on “7 Ways How to Improve Your Resume?

  1. Klaudia,

    Great post! I have recently needed to update my official representation, and found some of the same resources you mention.

    You may have seen my “untraditional resume” on SlideShare.

    The Flavors.me is cool — I’m going to have to go check that out! (some people should not be on video – not going there…) 😀

    Thanks so much!


  2. Thank you Keri.
    And yes I did check your untraditional resume – good job! That’s exactly what I am talking about: this is a new language we should use to presents ourselves. The “classic” resume we should always have just in case if we need to present more details, etc. – but something like that is “a must”.

    The great thing about video resume is that we don’t even have to be on it (like: talking to the camera). Instead we can record audio (our voice) + presentation about us = and here you have a beautiful video resume 🙂

  3. Oh.. the lovely world of Personal Branding. Its not good enough to just state your previous positions with roles and responsibilities. Now, you need to be clear on EXACTLY what you offer and why they would pick you over the other guys. Some great ides here Klaudia. thanx.

  4. Exactly Laurinda. We need to think what we can offer.
    It used to be: Resume = list of previous job positions + education
    Now: what is the added value we bring to potential employer. It’s like elevator pitch: “a short summary used to quickly and simply define a product, service, or organization and its value proposition”

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