2 Reasons Why We Love and Hate Facebook?

…do you like Facebook? ok, maybe even love, right?
…but sometimes you simply hate it.

    Here are 10 reasons why you hate Facebook:

    see Facebook, see Facebook, what happened when worlds collides?!

    and here is 1 general reason why we love Facebook. Don’t be shy, admit it – you just bought that new fancy smartphone just to publish (on Facebook) another video of your cat:

    Have you ever wonder why we are sharing private information on Facebook? If someone asks us some personal question (e.g. at work, at school, etc.) we would say “that’s not your business”. But at the same time we are willing to share so much on Facebook. Why?

2 thoughts on “2 Reasons Why We Love and Hate Facebook?

  1. I don’t share cats. I share babies. Besides from that you are spot on. Kinda odd we all get annoyed with the lame stuff people share but can’t resist to do it too….

    1. lol, some share cats, some share babies 😉 And I agree – people (count me on) share all that lame stuff that’s it – fun fun fun.

      Just imaging what all those NASA-kind of smartphones we have – and how we are using them 😉

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