Power of Words

I am right

    Have you ever wondered how powerful words can be?
    ok ok, I won’t even start that “words can hurt”, I’d rather want to talk about the positive power of words:

check this youtube video:

Did you ever think how much power you have and how you can use it:

  • say something nice –> it’s not the end of the world to say something nice to your friends/co-workers. Don’t lie, just think if there is something nice you can say…and most of the time there is.
  • positive feedback –> it won’t hurt you if you give a positive feedback (of course if there is any, and usually there is). Don’t you think that we don’t need positive feedback?
  • encouragement –> big word (I know) but we need that. It’s great to give and receive that boost sometimes. That few words “you can do it” can help a lot.

I think that we are taking all the good things for granted sometimes. So maybe this time lets stop for a moment and think – what can I do/say (something GOOD) today?


3 thoughts on “Power of Words

  1. Words are extremely powerful.

    My 6 yr old son angers easily. Been this way since he was born. When he gets frustrated he used to escalate from 0 to 100 and just lash out. He has this deep routed emotion that he could not control.

    Our family has spend the last 3 years, helping him…. with words. Helping him label his feelings so that he can monitor his body, know how he feels and instead of lashing out, he communicates using his words. It works.

    Words are just one amazing tool of expression.

    1. what can I say…agree agree agree. And congrats with all that 3 years of great work!
      I think that we don’t remember (sometimes) that we can do some good saying something. It’s so much easier to say something negative than something positive. I read some research that during 1 day we are: over 100x negative feedback and 12x positive feedback. Can you see the disproportion! shocking.

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