OMG What a Traffic

Again, like every day, I opened my Google Reader and went wild on reading interesting (or not) posts.
This time was a little bit different because I decided to focus even more on posts’ titles. I noticed that there are a lot of post regarding “how to drive traffic to you website/blog”. Everything about TRAFFIC and how you can get more MONEY!!!

    traffic titles
    Have you ever wonder what if you get all that great traffic to your blog/www – then what? Do you have a strategy? Do you know what do you need, what is the reason why you want all that traffic?

that’s not all… there were dozens of posts similar to those.


    …too much about traffic, ok so maybe this time about “right keywords” or maybe how to earn a lot of money working on your blog? Sure, after few months writing posts you can earn a lot of money!
    I didn’t find anywhere anything about “hard work”, that before you get big money, you need to (for real) work hard to get that. At least most of the time. I guess people like to talk about the money, how to earn money (as fast as possible), how to become the most popular blogger/…, etc. After all those post I think “wow, it’s so easy. Few weeks and I will be next Lady Gaga among bloggers”, right 😉 Get back to work and try to enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “OMG What a Traffic

  1. I so agree with your observation Klaudia. First, the assumption is that traffic is the main goal of a blogger. (it is not always) and secondly, that traffic leads to money. I think this traffic=money scenario needs its own infomercial. “you want money!! just write. anything and in 3 weeks, you can own a house like mine!!”. LOL… its all a myth.

    There are no shortcuts people. Hard work, learning from mistakes, building relationships is what it is about. NO SHORTCUTS. Except for the lottery. I’d like to win that. 🙂

    1. Thanks Laurinda for your insight. Have you noticed how many “great” ebook you can get from many website you go to? All those “how ot get money in 30-days and have 10k viewers”. I admit that every time I go to random www and see that pop-up with “great” free ebook – I feel a little bit off.

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