Interesting Book to Read – Part 3


Did you read that book?

    Here are some interesting points (in my opinion the best part of the book):
  • “we tried it, it doesn’t work” –> this is exactly the biggest problem, we are impatient, and at the same time social media is a long-term plan. How many small companies doesn’t have even a short-term social media strategy? How many companies first do some research and then create a plan of action? Why they can create a financial strategy, etc. but when comes down to social media it’s hard to believe there should be one?

social media is a long-term play, which is why the majority of the companies that have tried it have failed yo reach their potential. (…) You can’t reap the benefits of social media’s word’s of mouth without strategy and commitment.

  • “We’re doing fine without it” –> why do you think you are fine without social media? because your revenue is high? How high will be your revenue if you tried social media? Did you test it? No? so how do you know?

How do you know you are “fine”? if you are not in the trenches, listening to your customers and asking them what they think?

  • “It takes too long to pay off” –> of course it take long time to pay off! Do you expect to get more clients/more money withing first week or two? It’s not doing to happen, so you better think how to create a long-term communication with your customers, potential customers

Social media is a marathon. (…) Diversification is important.

  • “Social media works only for startup, lifestyle or tech brands” –> no no no! Every business can use social media, it’s all about the content, good idea how to get to your potential customers. The moment we find the right link/common topic to engage people – they will get involved (oh and don’t forget that’s the long-term strategy).

The concrete company’s mission isn’t to get as many people as possible to buy concrete, it’s to get as many people who need concrete to buy concrete. And the biggest challenge, the one that offers the most potential for growth, is to reach people who don’t yet know they need concrete.


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