Facebook for People Over 50 – Part 2 – Making Connections

making connections

    Today lets talk about few ways how to make some connections on Facebook
  • search for your family/friends –> type your friend name and last name in the search box which is on top center of the Facebook website. If there are hundreds of results (people with the same name as that one friend you are searching for) then you can try to search by your friend e-mail address (if you know it).
    facebook search box

Make sure this is the right person you found on Facebook – the easiest way is to click on their photo and check their Facebook profile (usually – depends on private settings – you can see some basic information about that person).

  • send “friend’s request”/add friend to your list –> so you found your friend on Facebook. Of course you would like to “say hello” to them (which means you want to connect with them on Facebook). How to do that? Send a friend’s request – it’s a direct message to your friend.

Here’s friend’s request

    and here’s friend’s request with additional message. Usually it’s better (nicer) to add few words from yourself:

facebook invitation

  • address book –> if you have e-mail addres on one of following: gmail/hotmail/yahoo/windowslive. You are able to search Facebook for all those e-mails from address book (on your e-mail account).
  • you can find your high school/collage friends by searching for your school’s Facebook page
  • accepting friend’s request –> don’t forget that your old friends might search for you as well.

2 thoughts on “Facebook for People Over 50 – Part 2 – Making Connections

  1. I need this book because I hated Facebook so much I deleted my acct. I kept getting tennis shoe ads friends and a virus. I might have to rethink this Facebook thing! I like Twitter.

    1. Welcome back and thank you for your comment.
      I agree there is (from time to time) spam content spread all over Facebook. That book I mentioned is well written, with a lot of useful links.

      Twitter – I like it as well (even more than Facebook) 🙂

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