How to Publish Pictures on Twitter

    Do you like to share pictures on-line? I do
    Would you like to share a pictures directly on Twitter? I would
    Now we can do that. No more Twitpic, Flickr, yFrog – now you can directly publish photos on Twitter using Twitter message box:

twitter_message box_photo

    Now you can go crazy and publish your pictures directly on Twitter, but please be aware of:
  • you can upload any image that is 3MB or smaller
  • Twitter will scale the image to fit into the display pane on the right side of timeline
  • more “how-to” upload picture on Twitter you can find on Twitter Help Center

    3-steps how to publish picture on Twitter:

    twitter_uploading photo
  • 1. type text in message box + click on “camera button” and chose image you want to publish + click “tweet”
  • 2. your tweet is now in your timeline stream, so all your followers are able to see your tweet with link to your picture
  • 3. when you click on your tweet you can see the picture on the right side of your Twitter website

6 thoughts on “How to Publish Pictures on Twitter

  1. Klaudia,

    Thanks for the information!

    I’m not one to share a lot of pictures. And I’m rarely in the Twitter platform itself.

    But I can see where this will be an advantage to some, and I think it is a timely update.

    Will this change how you use Twitter?


    1. Hi Keri, big thanks for your comment.
      Will this change how I use Twitter? I don’t think so, because like you – I’m not into sharing photos on Twitter.

      I believe this it a right direction for Twitter, waiting for more updates šŸ™‚

  2. Klaudia, you have clearly reminded me why I need to get a better camera than my iPhone one! Lol. Pictures are clearly powerful. In twitter, the timeliness of being at an event or capturing the moment is great. I find that Facebook lends itself better as photo platform. Anyway.. interesting to see the new development.

    1. Hi Laurinda,

      ohh you just opened a big topic – “smartphones and their usability”, what kind of features our smartphones should have? Well for me: tons of apps (ok, so I like them) + good quality camera (min. 8 mega pixels, HD). I think Apple should work harder on their camera in iPhone (just saying).

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