Thought for Today


2 thoughts on “Thought for Today

  1. Yes, yes, and YES!

    Empathy is something many business owners forget about. It’s a focus on people, sharing, and caring over selling. It’s remembering what it feels like on the other side of human interaction.

    Let’s be more human, everyone!

  2. have you noticed that when we look at business 10 years ago (how they were managed) and right now – it’s so different. In the past business was cold, straight down to the money, etc. Right now: big competition and “social” tone is almost everywhere, so the business is more “client-friendly”. That’s very interesting and I guess it’s a big challenge (but that’s good, because there is a chance the quality is going up as well).

    Oh and one more thing, if we build relationship with our clients, there is a bigger chance they will stay with us longer, right?

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