New Type of TV Commercials

    Do you (still) remember TV commercials?

    Did you like to watch TV commercials or maybe every time there was a commercial break on TV – you just made a trip to the kitchen, etc.?

Over the last few days I’ve watched over 100 TV/newspaper/on-line commercials which I found on Ads of the world. There are many different kinds of ads (and that’s nothing unusual) but I’ve noticed that there are some major patterns (not always):

  • women in TV –> type: most of the time beautiful, not too intelligent + ads: health, cosmetics, household (cleaning supplies), clothes, etc.

Hyundai Veloster: Death:

Volkswagen Zubehör: Business Class for everyone:

  • men in commercials–> type: handsome, sweet and intelligent or funny and not so bright + ads: business, banks, consultant agencies, household (home improvement), etc.

Sentry Investments: Big Picture:
ads_big picture

Stride: Sorry:

Google Demo Slam: Rushmore:

Liza Salad Dressings: Cow:

Musikaliska Concert Hall: Farinelli (not sure where to add this commercial):

FedExCup: Baby Monitor:

  • children, animals in commercials –> naughty, sweet

Gatos: Refrigerator:

Coca-Cola: Happiness Truck:

PHD Worldwide: We are the Future:

  • non-profit organizations/public agencies –> to promote some good cause (e.g. public safety, health, etc.)

The Department of Transport:

Family Advocacy Center: Broken Record:

Mountain Rider: Frozen Trash:

Canadian Dermatology Association: Indoor Tanning Isn’t Pretty:

  • other –>
  • 13th Street: Bowlingheads:

    Vaseline: Bat:

    The College of Everything:

    KLM: Little acts of kindness (how far is social?):

    I think that over the years TV/newspaper commercials are changing but still we can watch a lot of men+beer, women+cleaning supplies commercials. After watching over 150 commercials I think that still somehow (in my opinion) women on TV ads are presented as “you don’t have to think too much as long as you look great” or “wow, that’s so nice that all you know is what’s in the kitchen”. TV commercials are not easy on men as well: “you don’t have to be handsome nor smart as long as you know how to fix it.” etc.
    But also there are more and more interactive commercials, more creative, more interesting. When you watch on-line commercial you are able to interact by clicking on it and usually there are more options you can chose from. It’s really great because viewers become part of it and not only external recipient.
    Nevertheless there are some really great TV commercials over the world worth to watch.

    4 thoughts on “New Type of TV Commercials

    1. It is interesting to see the variety of different commercials. Sites like YouTube have really helped businesses and organizations expand their audience by having their commercials on the Internet rather than t.v.

      1. Hi Grace, the problem is that more and more TV viewers are moving to internet. We can watch our favorites movies/shows, etc. on-line – which means that Ads companies need to look deeper into internet (well, they are already there). But it means also that on-online ads need to be more interactive (e.g. some youtube videos).

    2. Holey Moley that is alot of commercials. LOL.

      Interesting how you see those patterns. Honestly, I don’t watch alot of TV on …well… TV. LOL. I watch it online. which means, I usually get to skip the commercials. Actually my dad was asking me if I had seen this new commercial and I look at him doubtfully and say… “um.. i don’t watch tv.”

      I think its says alot.

      1. Hi Laurinda,
        yeah….as far as I remember I liked TV commercials (not necessary watching a lot of TV per se). I find it interesting how they are changing over the years. Think about TV ads from 50s or 60s and now. They are more and more interactive, specially those on-line. I found 2 ads which I didn’t upload here, maybe I should but somehow topics were too controversial.

        I agree so many people are saying they are not watching TV – of course, they moved to the internet and they are watching their favorite shows there. Which I would like to call “smart watching”. We have to respect the time we have (how we are spending it and on what) so of course we would try to skip boring ads as often as possible.

        oh oh and all on-line commercials (which are uploaded on youtube as well) are just so creative sometimes. I can’t wait for more.

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