5 Ways to Stay Connected with Your Co-workers

    Do you have to work with people who are located in another city or country?
    What do you do when you need to work with others on a project but all those people are spread all over the world?

What to do if you don’t have an access to expensive platforms like Microsoft Exchange?

Applications you can use to communicate with others:

  • e-mails –> who didn’t do that? Sending tons of e-mails with 10th version of the document. It’s useful when only 2 people are working on it but when you have a lot of people who need to collaborate with each other then it’s a problem
  • google docs –> in case if you don’t want to collect many versions of the same documents, you can use application by google – which allows you to share the documents on-line, make changes in the document by others, post comments, etc. Type of documents you are able to share/edit: word, spreadsheets, presentation, form, drawing. You can also chose between many templates.
  • skype –> which gives you options: sending files, chat box, video calls, etc.
  • jamcloud –> it’s a free social music app that allows you play music and watch videos with your friends in real time. Create listening rooms with an international audience where you can chat about what’s playing and vote. With a library of over 325 million songs and videos. So if you need to talk about some songs/video you can do that watching it at the same time with people all over the world.
  • linqto –> It’s a many to many live online app. Easy to use, no download is required, and is available as a Facebook application. A standard URL is also provided as an additional entry point to the live site. This application is not free, version 1 cost $8/month

What on-line application can you suggest?



4 thoughts on “5 Ways to Stay Connected with Your Co-workers

  1. Well if you are talking about apps that allow for collaboration with people everywhere I have a few I recommend. Evernote is great for notes and information – keeping track of tasks and document storage (especially the paid version which allows for any file to be embedded in a note). I also use Drop Box and more recently ShareFile which is like drop box but more secure and more sophisticated. The other one I am really falling more and more in love with is called The Brain. My partner page on my site has videos on each of these as well as a link where you can download a free trial. I hope you don’t mind the link – nothing for sale here, these aren’t my products. I just use them. http://nerdenterprises.com/business/

    1. Thank you Seth for your comment and welcome to my blog.
      I heard of Evernote – and right now I am testing it, so far so good but it’s more (for me) as you said – for keeping track of tasks/to do lists/etc.
      Free version of DropBox is up to 2GB storage capacity which is ok for some time.
      Thank you so much for giving the example of ShareFIle and The Brain- need to try those as well.

      Big thanks.

      1. If you have people sign up for Drop box using your referral / affiliate link they give you exrtra space. I eventually bit the bullet and paid the $150 so I have 100GB – they do versioning so drop box is a good backup solution as well.

        On the paid version of Evernote (only $45) you can share notebooks. You can also share a note publicly on the web which is a really convenient way of sharing (like this http://bit.ly/qCwWbm). I use it for a lot of things – sharing notebooks with others and then embedding all kinds of files in notes is where it really starts to become a great collaborative tool. Also!.. The total storage is unlimited. You are only limited to a certain about per month that you can upload. I have never even come close to the limit. Then if you start using shoeboxed for your receipts and export them to evernote, I swear it will change your life!!. OK now I am REALLY going out for the night 🙂

  2. Big thanks Seth for your insight.
    I think that the great combination of apps for collaboration should be: video-calls + whiteboards + dropbox kind of apps and wow….here we are having everything we need not even being present in the same office.

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