Copy or Not to Copy?

image by Bogart Handsome Devil via Flickr
    …so you are sitting in front of the computer and you need to write an article/post/etc. but you don’t have slightest idea how to start, or you don’t have enough information. That sucks, isn’t it?
    What are you doing in that situation? Lets check few options:
  • waiting till you figure it out what to write? –> that’s not the best option if you don’t have much time to wait for inspiration
  • you start looking around what other people created and you start thinking “maybe I can “borrow” some content…
  • staying all night + surf the internet for any possible information you can use to create that content –> you are not so proud of it but at least you did it (yourself?)

Why there is so much fuss regarding copyrights ?

Copyright owners have the exclusive statutory right to exercise control over copying and other exploitation of the works for a specific period of time, after which the work is said to enter the public domain.

    I’ve been thinking how to protect the content (e.g. images, etc.) created by us and published on-line? Is there any 100% (guaranteed) protection? Copyrights, law? We know that it’s not working all the time, internet is simply too big. But maybe we should “let it share and copy”, maybe we should just agree that everything can be and might me copied sooner or later. Maybe…but what about all that effort and hard work we invested in creating the content? What about profits? hmmm…getting more interesting, right?
    So maybe the best option is not to publish that content on-line? come on…it’s not possible because internet is just another platform to do business, communicate. Of course we can add all those copyrights symbols and information about copyrights all over our content – but is it really protect it? If someone wants to copy our content – they can do it, it’s just matter of time. I know that in a “perfect world” every time when content is shared there is information about the author, etc. But as long as we are not in a perfect world we can we do?

your content
There are many websites with “how to protect your content”. Tips “How to Protect Your Work From Internet Copyright Violation”, you can check the U.S. Copyright Office or you can check some information regarding copyright myths?

Maybe we should be aware and just get used to it, that people share and copy content and that’s it?

    What is your opinion regarding copyrights/sharing/copying content? Is there a chance to protect it on-line or it’s just the lost cause.

2 thoughts on “Copy or Not to Copy?

  1. Klaudia,

    All great questions, and some credible tips!

    Intellectual property is more and more a topic. Probably because I’m hearing more and more bloggers have problems with people stealing their content.

    Just recently, I did a search for myself, and found a page on the web that had totally re-created a post I wrote, and as I read it, I was fuming mad. They had not contacted me at all to discuss it, or anything! They did provide a link to my site – the specific post. But it was still a shock to see this.

    I recently found — you can check to see if anyone has “stolen” your blogged content. I see myself checking in every so often to take precaution. No one wants their hard work and creativity abused.

    While I have been inspired by work of others, it is appropriate to give them proper tribute.

    Just my 2 cents…


    1. Hi Keri,
      Big thanks for your comment! I’m afraid that because of the size of the internet and it will be harder and harder to protect intellectual property.
      Thank you for adding the – indeed it’s a good place to check what is going on the content.

      I’m wondering how often the problem is:
      a. someone use somebody’s content as it’s own
      b. someone forgot to add proper tribute
      c. someone can’t find the original author of the content

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