Facebook – What Are You Doing?

image by Clin_K via flickr
    Have you noticed latest updates on Facebook?
    Do you like or hate them?

So in case if you don’t really remember (or you are still in shock) all the features Facebook presented over short period of time – I’ve been trying to check what’s new on Facebook:

  • top stories –> highlights posts and prioritizes them at the top of your feed stream.
  • new stories –> no more “recent posts/top posts” now it’s time for “new stories”
  • buzz stream (ticker) –> on upper right on sidebar (above the list of friends who are on-line) you can find real-time stream of posts published by your friends, so no more scrolling down to check who wrote what and when. Hovering over those activities you can expand and check the content and post a comment
  • subscribes –> yes yes yes it’s more like “follow” at Twitter so if there is someone you would like to “follow” on Facebook but you don’t want to or can’t send a “friend’s request” you can subscribe to their comment stream. I think that’s one of the better ideas.
    More of “the Facebook updates” you can find on Mashable.
    If you decide to complain and don’t know where to do that, Allfacebook created a short suggestion box

    What is going on with Facebook? Why they are updating/changing so much in such a short time? Is that necessary? Is that another level of Facebook vs. Google+ battle? I’m afraid that too many changes might not help Facebook.


    Thank you Keri from Idea Girl Media for sharing a youtube video with Facebook updates:

6 thoughts on “Facebook – What Are You Doing?

  1. Hi

    I don’t really like the new changes.
    The upper right corner that moves
    drives me nuts but that because of
    my eye sites plus it distracts me from
    what i’m doing. But I’ll get use to them
    change is suppose to be good right?

    1. Hi Bonnie,

      As it seems not all changes are good. I (at the other hand) like the upper right corner buzz stream. What I’ve noticed you can move that buzz stream up and down – so you can see more or less of that stream – in your case move it max. up and then there is a chance it won’t bother you that much.

      now you can make the buzz stream disappear by clicking to view the chat sidebar

  2. I actually like all the changes so far. Love the lists, which I used to manually create one and now FB has done it for me. It really helps streamline my communication and it really has been a time saver for me. I even like the Ticker, rolling thing. I don’t find it distracting at all. I like that I can hover over and see what people are talking about and I can choose to engage or not. And keeps me from having to go to their wall. All right there at my fingertips.

    Thanks for the post Klaudia. Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Jocelyn,
      Thank you for your comment. So far I like the Ticker – I just like that buzz stream on the sidebar, and exactly it’s a faster way to make the decision to engage or not into conversation.
      Friends’ lists – help to organize conversation so it’s good.
      The rest – not sure how much it’s the added value.
      Now – it for Timeline 🙂

  3. I like the changes Klaudia and I am really enjoying the timeline. Many people find the changes intrusive but it is really just about changing the way they are used to sharing. If there is something very private instead of sharing as a comment, people can choose to send a friend a private message. Have a great day!

    1. Hi Karla,
      As I said before I appreciate some of Facebook updates. Timeline – I haven’t checked that yet. I read about timeline but somehow I’m not that crazy about it – time will tell, right 😉

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