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4 thoughts on “Thought for Today

  1. This is very true but I’d take it a step further by saying that quality is most affected by delivery and customer service. If those are full of suck, no amount of engineering, cool features, or selling points will really matter.. Yet folks seem to forget this fact all the time – whoops!

    1. Hi Yomar, big thank you for your comment.
      “whoops” – that’s the best description.
      Quality is very important but I think that (sometimes) there are problem with “too much quality” when customer is not enjoying it anymore – because they are not paying attention anymore. I believe balance between customer needs and quality is crucial.

  2. That’s very true though, in that case, it’s more an issue of packing “too much value” into something. That’s where you’d have to think about sustainability and upselling opportunities. All too often, we give too much away and spread ourselves thin.. Or create an expectation we can’t always meet!

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