Where to Find Great Pictures?

image by Mourner via Flickr
    Are you trying to take a great picture but don’t know how? or maybe you just don’t want to do that by yourself. Maybe you’d rather search on-line for right picture just for your article, presentation, etc.

I know, you probably visited Flickr for some nice pictures – which you can use, right? ok ok…but maybe, just maybe you want something more unique…a picture or set of pictures just for you/your business/your blog/your website. What can you do then? How to find those?

And here it’s a great world waiting for you…or I should say: many great photographers who are ready to work with you. They can create series of pictures just for you on any given topic or you can choose something from their portfolio. Any way you choose – you will receive great quality product at the end.

image by hannaneh710 via Flickr

Today I would like to present 2 photographers who are not just taking pictures – they are able to capture the “story in the picture”.
When I saw Heidi Wagner’s portfolio for the first time I thought – “wow! she knows how to capture a movement in those pictures” and then I saw more of her work and I divided her pictures into 2 groups: movement and calmness. In both groups you can almost feel/touch it…she has a great talent to find the right light/etc. Doesn’t matter what theme of the series she choose – it’s just great, whether it’s yoga’s or bicycles’ series, colorful or black&white – simply worth to spend some time and look. You can find Heidi’s portfolio on her Facebook Page or visit her website.

I live a physical life and this translates into my photos. Capturing images while cycling through a forest, strategically contorting my body in a small space, or trekking up a mountainside dramatically affects the photos I produce; these are the moments that define my art.

Second photographer Anton Kusters I noticed search internet for some interesting pictures from Japan and here it is Anton with his yakuza‘s series of pictures.

With a mix of photography, film, writing and graphic design, I try to share not only their extremely complex relationship to Japanese society, and also to show the personal struggle that each family member faces

    Do you have your favorite photographer? Have you ever ordered some pictures/ series of pictures? What do you think of promoting and working with photographers?


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