Change is Good

    I decided that I want to make a change – do something different, hope – better.
    That’s why I am in the middle of moving my blog to a brand new site Groovy Pink Blog.
    I am very excited about that and I decided to do it by myself, first to learn something new, second to be able to experience that process. And here is one more thing I need to say:

I am very thankful to all great people I’ve met and who are helping me to achieve that goal:

    Thank you guys!
    It’s a big deal for me and I know it will take a while but it’s just incredible to meet people who are willing to help and be able to do something new. This is also a good sign for the future – that there are people who want to help, not because they can get a lot of money or fame, but just because they want to help. And that’s why I am very thankful to every each of you!

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