You and Rest of the World



Here’s the thing, you work a lot, you are tired and you don’t have too much of free time. And here I am talking about adding something more to that full list. Volunteering. 

Helping others is a beautiful thing, most of the time 😉 By doing small good deeds we are building a better world. You don’t have to go big, just start small in your local community. There are many volunteering programs you can choose from and all you have to do is to check at your local City Hall or any non-profile organizations you can think of.

Why should we volunteer?

  1. You make someone else happy by helping them
  2. You make yourself happy by helping others
  3. You are doing something good in your local community

I bet there are other reasons why it’s worth volunteering. The way I see it: doing nothing is not the option. Volunteering can help you to find the balance between you and the rest of the world. 


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