It’s Too Much…or Maybe Not?

which way

That’s it! There are so many social media platforms available right now that it’s hard to mange everything at the same time. It’s time consuming and it might be a little chaotic if you are not paying attention to what’s happening.

Does it mean that we should stick only to what we know, select few platforms and don’t use other? No way! Ok, if you want to that’s fine, but come on, it’d fun to test what’s out there even if after testing period we decide it’s not working for us (Ello, Tsu).

It’s the way digital world works – every so often there are new apps, platforms presented and some of us (users) try those out. If we like it we are going to incorporate it into our everyday work, and if it doesn’t work…oh well..bye bye.

World’s changing and there is not much we can do about that, so let’s now get upset that there is a new feature, new app or a change made to the existing one. It’s just part of the game.  We can handle that, right?


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