Newsletter vs. Spam Mail

office on the go

That’s it! Have you ever checked how many newsletters you signed up to? Well, I haven’t. But few times a year I do the “spring cleaning” and unsubscribe from some of those newsletters. Recently I asked myself a question: why do I subscribe to receive newsletters in the first place? and why I don’t like newsletters?

Here are some ideas why?

  • I don’t like emails in the first place so getting newsletters daily or weekly makes me feel uncomfortable
  • I don’t have enough time to read all those newsletters
  • I guess I’d rather check updates via Twitter
  • email-Inbox is the last place I want to check
  • the “newsletter folder” is already full of unread emails. I think I’m kidding myself that I’ll read those emails in the near future

Ok, I get it – I don’t like emails that much but there is something that I can do to help manage that issue and not consider newsletter as spam email.

Here are some ideas:

  • keep one email folder just for newsletters and direct automatically all newsletters to that folder
  • give a newsletter a 1 month “I like you trial” and see if you really like it or not so much. After that time you can decide whether you should or shouldn’t subscribe to the newsletter
  • every few months do the “spring cleaning” and unsubscribe..unsubscribe…unsibscribe
  • check (just in case) if the author of the newsletter publish the same content on his/hers website – so you can check it directly there or via Twitter (maybe by creating another list just for profiles of people who send me newsletters?)

Nobody likes spam email and sometimes too many newsletters might make us feel like we are spamming ourselves.

What do you think? What’s your tactic to deal with newsletters?


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