Water and Marketing

water in the box

That’s it! How much are you willing to pay for regular water? Of course it depends you say. But let’s imagine this scenario: you are at the local store, there is no drought and you are not really thirsty. No pressure. You just want to buy some water. There are so many different brands and prices to choose and finally you see something called “Boxed Water Is Better”. That’s right, that’s what I saw at the local store the other day.

…and I stopped and asked myself: is this “Boxed Water Is Better” is really better than any other bottled water available at the store?

And then I asked myself a second question: Why am I even thinking about this “Boxed Water Is Better”? I even did some research online on that brand and it seems that the only difference is in the package – that box. They say that it cost less to ship those boxes and it’s better for the environment.

  • …so why then a box of “Boxed Water Is Better” is more expensive than other regular bottled water?
  • maybe it’s not about the water at all, maybe it’s about a lifestyle?

Did I buy a box of “Boxed Water is Better”? Yes I did. And you know what, it tasted like…water.

Marketing, you won again.


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