When Something Doesn’t Work…

believe in yourself

That’s it! It’s time for a change and I mean it. Why is it almost always the same pattern: when something doesn’t work, instead of trying a new approach I keep repeating the same mistake. Now when I think about it two things come to my mind:

  • why do I keep repeating the same pattern?
  • it’s getting boring to do it over and over again

I think it’s about fear of stepping out of the comfort zone. Even when we know that we should try something new it’s easier to stick to the old habits hoping that “maybe this time it’s going to work”. Come on! It’s NOT going to work unless we try something different.

Now it’s time to leave the comfort zone for a moment and see if we can try different approach. I know I’m going to try it…wait! I’m already doing it. It’s scary but I can’t stop.



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