Change is Good

    I decided that I want to make a change – do something different, hope – better.
    That’s why I am in the middle of moving my blog to a brand new site Groovy Pink Blog.
    I am very excited about that and I decided to do it by myself, first to learn something new, second to be able to experience that process. And here is one more thing I need to say:

I am very thankful to all great people I’ve met and who are helping me to achieve that goal:

    Thank you guys!
    It’s a big deal for me and I know it will take a while but it’s just incredible to meet people who are willing to help and be able to do something new. This is also a good sign for the future – that there are people who want to help, not because they can get a lot of money or fame, but just because they want to help. And that’s why I am very thankful to every each of you!

Addiction to Technology

    Do you think that you are addicted to information/internet/Social Media? Do you think that you may have a tiny problem with that? that (just) maybe you are loosing the control?
    Some time ago I asked a question whether we are ready to slow down with social media/internet, etc. And since that time I have noticed that people who I am working with, some of my friends and I – we are not slowing down but we even try to speed up.
    I have to admit that I feel good (so far) about that, I think that it’s not a problem to stay connected on-line as long as possible. I just watched 2 movies which made me think – that my life is totally different than 15 years ago – when I was more off-line than on-line.
    First movie: Yelp: With Apologies to Allen Ginsberg’s it’s a tribute to Allen Ginsberg’s classic 1956 poem, filmmakers created a short film lampooning the addictions of our generation (technology can be addictive). It’s narrated by Peter Coyote.

Technology can be addictive. In a tribute to Allen Ginsberg’s classic 1956 poem, we created a short film lampooning the addictions of our generation. It’s narrated by Peter Coyote.
The filmmaking team behind “Yelp: With Aplogies to Allen Ginsberg’s Howl,” also made the 2011 Sundance documentary “Connected: An Autoblogography about Love, Death & Technology.”

Filmmaker and Webby Awards founder Tiffany Shlain latest film, Connected: An Autoblogography About Love, Death, and Technology”, premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. movie trailer:

Connected, is about the evolution of human communication and how it has changed our lives, for better and for worse

    Have you ever been in a situation describer by Tiffany: sneaking to the bathroom during a dinner at the restaurant just to check an email? For Tiffany it was a wake-up call to do something about that, to think what’s going on with us…and that was the beginning of the idea for the movie. But just think about it – what does it mean for you? Probably you already noticed that but didn’t do anything about that. I remember how many times I was (and still am) attached to my laptop or smartphone…checking emails/surfing via social media, checking/testing new apps, read latest news, etc. – just to stay connected 24/7
    Are you in situation when instead of looking by the window to check the weather you are checking it on-line? Maybe it’s not a big deal right now, because we have all those friends all over the internet, we are ok! right?
    So what’s next with us – people who are addicted to the information/on-line world? What will our future look like? Right now I don’t mind but within next 5-10-15 years?
    Are we ready to slow down?
    Are we ready to leave iPhone at home and go for a walk with friends?

    ohh and one more thing before some of you will try to say that it’s good to slow down with technology/information/internet – thanks to all those 3 we are able to move faster with the development (in medicine, technology, etc.) – so more lives can be saved. etc.

    …so are we ready to “unplug and revisit present tens”

And here’s a bonus youtube video: Brian Solis talks with Tiffany Shlain, filmmaker and Webby Awards founder. Her latest film, Connected: An Autoblogography About Love, Death, and Technology, premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.

Your Health vs. Social Media

image by Miss Chicken via Flickr

(…) I argue constantly that if people gave up a little privacy it would likely make them and the rest of us a lot healthier. (…)

    I understand that it means changing one of the most important part of our privacy perception – giving up and publishing our health’s status. I get it, I know that there can be something good about this – like saving life, getting rid off the rush quicker and maybe cheaper – because some pharma company/doctor/on-line friend/etc. can suggest some medicine we may use or information about someone (who?) may help us, providing us with important health updates, etc. I would like to focus on another aspect of that issue – giving up the last frontier of our privacy, giving up/sharing our health information.
    ok,ok….when you look at this issue, we are already sharing some of that: Facebook checking-in to medical places (dentist, hospital, pharmacy, etc.) or updating our Facebook or Twitter status by posting comments such as: “I’m sick today, that’s my 5th cold this year”. And I think that this is just the beginning. So what’s next? What we will do next?:
  • how many health related information are we willing to share via social media?
  • who wants to get to those information?
  • what 3rd parties would like to do with that kind of knowledge about our health?
    I think that if there is more information about our health, there will be someone (individual or organization) willing to interact and do something (bad or good) with that information – wow, that doesn’t sound good.

image by 28misguidedsouls' photos via Getty Images

Just think about big pharmaceutical industry, it’s big, has a great budget for marketing research, wants to get to as much as possible information about our health. And what about insurance industry? same thing.

    What do you think about that?
    How many information are you already giving up via social media?

Think Small

image by ollesvensson via flickr
    Think small? What are you talking about?! It’s all about thinking BIG nowadays” you may ask. Well yes, but why not to think small sometimes. When comes down to work space or living space we need more and more space but maybe what we need is some declutter process.
    Look around, is there anything you can get rid off? Do we need tons of papers? or maybe we should check those boxes we haven’t opened for last few years? many things we don’t really need but somehow we collect them. Lets start declutter process – I bet at the end of it, we will have more space!
    Did you know that we have 3 times more space than 50 years ago…we should feel much better now. So why we don’t feel better? oh, right because we have more stuff, more things which take that free space. That’s why we are renting storage space and still we feel overwhelmed.

I watched a TEDtalk 2011 video of Graham Hill the founder of eco-blog and vlog TreeHugger and creator of a project, called LifeEdited – a tiny huge design contest. – “Less stuff, more happiness”

Graham asked a question:

Can having less stuff, in less room, lead to more happiness? He makes the case for taking up less space, and lays out three rules for editing your life.

Three rules for editing your life (according to Graham):

  • edit ruthlessly –> clean your space. Things you haven’t used for years – time to let them go! and no, you won’t use those things – you haven’t used them before so yes it’s time to get rid off that. Before you buy new thing – you need to make sure (100% sure) you really really really need that.
  • think small –> do you need 6-burner stow when you need 3? Before buying think how you will storage that item, how much space will you need.
  • make multifunctional –> I like that one: chose things which are multifunctional, thanks to that we can get less things and still have enough.

image by allen.goldblatt via flickr

After watching that video – Think small is not that bad anymore.
How about you? Do you think you might have “a little bit” too much stuff around you?

What’s Next Steve?

Steve Jobs…died Oct. 5th 2011 (age of 56)

    He was one of greatest inventors (he was reinventor), that kind of visionary who had a great impact on businesses and people like Henry Ford or Walt Disney.
    So what will be next? Who is the next Steve Jobs? Who has enough charisma to become more than a leader – become a visionary.

    The moment world heard the news of Steve Jobs’ death all biggest newspapers/TV and radio stations jump to talk and write about this man:

    Here are some headlines:
    Do you remember Steve Jobs’ speech at Stanford University (2005):
    I know that was one of the Apple TV commercials but how different we can see that right now:
  • “stay hungry, stay foolish”
  • “If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on.”
  • “Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.”
  • “That’s been one of my mantras – focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”

more of Steve Jobs’ quotes you can find on Mashable.

…what’s going to happen next Steve? Is there someone who can take your place and become as visionary as you were? I don’t know…

Where to Find Great Pictures?

image by Mourner via Flickr
    Are you trying to take a great picture but don’t know how? or maybe you just don’t want to do that by yourself. Maybe you’d rather search on-line for right picture just for your article, presentation, etc.

I know, you probably visited Flickr for some nice pictures – which you can use, right? ok ok…but maybe, just maybe you want something more unique…a picture or set of pictures just for you/your business/your blog/your website. What can you do then? How to find those?

And here it’s a great world waiting for you…or I should say: many great photographers who are ready to work with you. They can create series of pictures just for you on any given topic or you can choose something from their portfolio. Any way you choose – you will receive great quality product at the end.

image by hannaneh710 via Flickr

Today I would like to present 2 photographers who are not just taking pictures – they are able to capture the “story in the picture”.
When I saw Heidi Wagner’s portfolio for the first time I thought – “wow! she knows how to capture a movement in those pictures” and then I saw more of her work and I divided her pictures into 2 groups: movement and calmness. In both groups you can almost feel/touch it…she has a great talent to find the right light/etc. Doesn’t matter what theme of the series she choose – it’s just great, whether it’s yoga’s or bicycles’ series, colorful or black&white – simply worth to spend some time and look. You can find Heidi’s portfolio on her Facebook Page or visit her website.

I live a physical life and this translates into my photos. Capturing images while cycling through a forest, strategically contorting my body in a small space, or trekking up a mountainside dramatically affects the photos I produce; these are the moments that define my art.

Second photographer Anton Kusters I noticed search internet for some interesting pictures from Japan and here it is Anton with his yakuza‘s series of pictures.

With a mix of photography, film, writing and graphic design, I try to share not only their extremely complex relationship to Japanese society, and also to show the personal struggle that each family member faces

    Do you have your favorite photographer? Have you ever ordered some pictures/ series of pictures? What do you think of promoting and working with photographers?

Facebook – What Are You Doing?

image by Clin_K via flickr
    Have you noticed latest updates on Facebook?
    Do you like or hate them?

So in case if you don’t really remember (or you are still in shock) all the features Facebook presented over short period of time – I’ve been trying to check what’s new on Facebook:

  • top stories –> highlights posts and prioritizes them at the top of your feed stream.
  • new stories –> no more “recent posts/top posts” now it’s time for “new stories”
  • buzz stream (ticker) –> on upper right on sidebar (above the list of friends who are on-line) you can find real-time stream of posts published by your friends, so no more scrolling down to check who wrote what and when. Hovering over those activities you can expand and check the content and post a comment
  • subscribes –> yes yes yes it’s more like “follow” at Twitter so if there is someone you would like to “follow” on Facebook but you don’t want to or can’t send a “friend’s request” you can subscribe to their comment stream. I think that’s one of the better ideas.
    More of “the Facebook updates” you can find on Mashable.
    If you decide to complain and don’t know where to do that, Allfacebook created a short suggestion box

    What is going on with Facebook? Why they are updating/changing so much in such a short time? Is that necessary? Is that another level of Facebook vs. Google+ battle? I’m afraid that too many changes might not help Facebook.


    Thank you Keri from Idea Girl Media for sharing a youtube video with Facebook updates:

Copy or Not to Copy?

image by Bogart Handsome Devil via Flickr
    …so you are sitting in front of the computer and you need to write an article/post/etc. but you don’t have slightest idea how to start, or you don’t have enough information. That sucks, isn’t it?
    What are you doing in that situation? Lets check few options:
  • waiting till you figure it out what to write? –> that’s not the best option if you don’t have much time to wait for inspiration
  • you start looking around what other people created and you start thinking “maybe I can “borrow” some content…
  • staying all night + surf the internet for any possible information you can use to create that content –> you are not so proud of it but at least you did it (yourself?)

Why there is so much fuss regarding copyrights ?

Copyright owners have the exclusive statutory right to exercise control over copying and other exploitation of the works for a specific period of time, after which the work is said to enter the public domain.

    I’ve been thinking how to protect the content (e.g. images, etc.) created by us and published on-line? Is there any 100% (guaranteed) protection? Copyrights, law? We know that it’s not working all the time, internet is simply too big. But maybe we should “let it share and copy”, maybe we should just agree that everything can be and might me copied sooner or later. Maybe…but what about all that effort and hard work we invested in creating the content? What about profits? hmmm…getting more interesting, right?
    So maybe the best option is not to publish that content on-line? come on…it’s not possible because internet is just another platform to do business, communicate. Of course we can add all those copyrights symbols and information about copyrights all over our content – but is it really protect it? If someone wants to copy our content – they can do it, it’s just matter of time. I know that in a “perfect world” every time when content is shared there is information about the author, etc. But as long as we are not in a perfect world we can we do?

your content
There are many websites with “how to protect your content”. Tips “How to Protect Your Work From Internet Copyright Violation”, you can check the U.S. Copyright Office or you can check some information regarding copyright myths?

Maybe we should be aware and just get used to it, that people share and copy content and that’s it?

    What is your opinion regarding copyrights/sharing/copying content? Is there a chance to protect it on-line or it’s just the lost cause.

Switch It On – You Know You Can Do It

We know what you’re thinking – people resist change.(…) In our lives, we embrace lots of big changes.

    This book is about change,or I should say: how to make change, how to start it, when to start.
    I have been thinking how hard is to change something. Just think about habits – wow! that’s a challenge, right? Tho authors are trying to explain that people are able to make changes and sometimes we are making those changes willingly. It depends on the type of change.

(…) there are hard changes and easy changes. What distinguishes one from the other? In this book, we argue that successful changes share a common pattern.

    I was surprised when I read that there are 3 components of “making a change”:
    Elephant vs. Rider + the right Path
  • the Elephant -> emotional side
  • the Rider -> rational side
  • the Path -> environment, direction
    Is it the constant battle between emotions and rational thinking? Not necessary, it’s more about finding the balance between those two. “The Rider provides the planning and direction, and the Elephant provides the energy.“. ok ok… so we need to take care of emotions and rational thinking but what is important 3rd part of that process is the right path -> environment so it will help people/team members to make that change.

    To change someone’s behavior, you’ve got to change the person’s situation.

    To make the change, according to Heath brothers, there has to be someone who will make that first step. That person needs to start doing something different and keep the balance between emotional side (Elephant) and rational thinking (Rider).

We all know how hard is to change our habits, whether those are “at home” habits or “at the office” habits. Heath brothers created “how to make a switch” guide:

switch_book_chart_page 259
    I encourage you to read that book – it’s full of case studies, examples and its a great guidebook which can help you to make change things when change is hard!

    Don’t give up: make the change