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5 Ways How to Become Better…in Whatever You Want

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    Do you have a plan of action for every day?
    Whatever you will do – how will it effect others?
    Do you feel that your actions are random sometimes?… that you don’t know what you are doing…

I was searching internet to find something interesting to read – and somehow I found Five Reiki Principles. I don’t know too much about Reiki (of course I already check the definition in Wikipedia) but I think those principles everybody may use. At least it can help to organize yourself.

Here are 5 Principles:

  • “don’t get angry” –> I’m not sure how easy is that, but we can try
  • “don’t worry” –> what? I mean – how?
  • “be grateful” –> I like that, it’s very important to be thankful for what we’ve got and for all those people we have chance to meet
  • “work hard” –> love it!
  • “be kind to others” –> my dad used to say: what comes around – goes around. I think that being kind and sending the “positive message” to others is a good way to go thorough life.

Think about that, what can you do to make your life better and be able to cope with others.

How to Prepare Yourself – The Art of War

June 18, 2011 4 comments

art of war_book coverHave you ever read “The Art of War” by Sun-Tzu?
I bet you heard about that book by few occasions, such as:

  • business meetings
  • seminars for leaders
  • conferences for top management, etc.

“The Art of War” was a great book two thousands years ago as a guide for young officers. And as John Minford wrote in the introduction:

(…)The Art of War has provided military leaders with essential advice on battlefield tactics, managing troops an terrain, and employing cunning and deception. (…) The strategic advice that The Art of Waroffers concerns much more than the conduct of war. It is an ancient book of proverbial wisdom, a book of life.

One of the most famous quotes of Master Sun (Sun-Tzu) I found very important and useful is:

Ultimate excellence lies not in winning every battle but in defeating the enemy without ever fighting.

Do you remember the movie “Wall Street”? Gordon Gekko said:

I bet on sure things. Sun Tzu: “Every battle is won before it is fought.” Think about it.

Whatever we are doing we might use some of the tactics and strategies used by a Shaolin disciple during combat:

Signal to the east, strike to the west; Avoid an opponent’s strong points, strike the weak ones; Trick an opponent into advancing without success, Then strike decisively with just one blow; If an opponent is strong, enter from the side; If he is weak, enter from the front; Use minimum force to neutralize maximum strength.

Isn’t that exactly what we are sometimes trying to do at work? Deal with some problems/issues?
We need to remember about the plan and as Master Sun said:

The Way of Wat is A Way of Deception.

so what we should? It seems we need to have a good plan, come up with a strategy how we want to approach to the problem. Planning is a matter a calculation – of strengths, weaknesses ours and our opponent.

When near (enemy), Appear far. When far, Appear near. Strike with chaos. If he is angry, Disconcert him. If he is weak, Stir him to pride. If he is relaxed, Harry him. Attack where he is unprepared; Appear where you are unexpected

How many leaders have been already told that:

Managing many is the same as managing few; it is a question of Division

The lesson I learned from that book:

  • never underestimate your opponent
  • use your opponent’s strengths against them
  • prepare yourself, don’t let others to surprise you
  • create a long-term and short-term plan/strategy

How Can I Change My Life? Interesting Book to Read – Part 1

June 13, 2011 3 comments

street sign_aheadLinchpin is not the newest book by Seth Godin but it’s one of those you should read. And the truth is you don’t need to spend a lot of time because it’s so interesting that you will read all 244 pages in one evening.
Before I quote those parts of the book which I found most interesting, let me quote what Seth wrote on his website:

Make something happen.

I started wondering what does it mean? I understand what ‘MAKE‘ + ‘SOMETHING‘ + ‘HAPPEN‘ mean but

  • what does it mean to ME?
  • What does it mean to YOU?
  • What we can do to change our lives?

Aren’t we afraid of changing even small things? We’d rather keep that status quo instead of doing something new/better with ourselves. And …. 50 years later it might be too late.
I know that Seth Godin is looking at the bigger picture, like in his book “Linchpin” He is talking about the world around us – that the world is not the same and it won’t be the same like 15 years ago. What our parents though was the best way to live your life – it’s a little (or even more than a little) different right now.
I bet some things we should still learn from past generations but we should adept all of that in a new reality.

Seth, in his book, suggested:

My goal is to persuade you that there is an opportunity available to you, a chance to significantly change your life for the better. Not by doing something that’s easy or that you’ve been trained to do, but by understanding how the rules of our world have fundamentally changed and by taking advantage of this moment to become someone the world believes is indispensable.

Again I am asking myself a question — do I think about opportunities available to me? or firs I should ask myself – do I believe there are opportunities out there for me? Maybe I’m too scared to even think that there are any.

Maybe we are too scared to change anything in our lives because that ‘old’ version of us do not let us move on. Maybe we feel to comfortable – even in that uncomfortable situation – to move on.

…but there are some people who changed something in their lives. Why they did it and we can’t?
What is the difference between Seth Godin, Brian Solis, Mari Smith and us? Why they could change their lives and create something great?

I am thinking – we can do it as well. It’s just NOT easy. SO maybe SMALL STEPS?

    …to be continued

Site Optimization Testing – webinar

June 9, 2011 Leave a comment

palm tree_black and white

    I am at the webinar: Lose Your Gut (Feel) in 60 Minutes: Site Optimization Testing Boot Camp

Great webinar by Linda Bustos the director of ecommerce research for Elastic Path Software during Inbound Marketing World Webinar Series provided by Hubspot.

This webinar was all about:

  • When and why to use A/B split testing vs. multivariate
  • How to design high impact tests
  • Common testing “gotchas” and how to avoid them
  • How to choose the right tool for you

Thought for Today

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Thought for Today

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improvement and I

Thought for Today

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social improvement


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