Do We Need Google Offers?

    What do you think about shopping? Do you like it? Just think about going to the shopping mall and search for some things you need to buy or maybe you prefer to do shopping on-line?

It’s all about collective buyer power – you can find offers with up to 60%, 70%, 80% discounts.
There is another player on the market – Google Offers

So far I was searching Groupon for daily deals (spa, theater, restaurant, etc.). I was wondering how Groupon, Livingsocial and GoogleOffers works. All of daily offers platforms works similar:

  • subscribe –> you will receive e-mails with daily offers in your city (city you choose) or check on website or on Facebook page or Twitter
  • choose –> chose the offer you like
  • pay –> purchase chosen deal
  • get the coupon/voucher –> wait for the e-mail with voucher/coupon
  • enjoy –> enjoy your purchase and remember about the deal’s expiration date

Here is a youtube video on how Groupon works:


    Pro: interesting feature is that you can purchase a giftcard on Groupon – which is nice option as a present.
    Con: during purchasing process you need to provide your credit card details (every time) – but maybe that’s should be consider as pro (I’m not sure).
    How Livingsocial works:


    Ok, so now lets look at the Google Offers:
    Pro: wow, everything in one place (on Google); you can sign in using your google account.
    Con: it’s just the beginning so google offers is available only in 6 cities; I’m not sure whether having everything in one place (google) is a good way. It’s a short way for google to have a monopoly on the market.
    Here is a youtube video on how google offers works:
    Google Offers payment option: you need to provide your credit card details once and it will be saved in your account. That option is provided by Google Checkout

I believe that many people might move from Groupon or Livingsocial to Google Offers just because they have Gmail accounts and because of that they have less passwords to remember.

The question is do we need another daily deals platform? Will Google Offers win the competition race? I don’t know. It’s another project by Google – lets wait a while and see what happen.


New Type of TV Commercials

    Do you (still) remember TV commercials?

    Did you like to watch TV commercials or maybe every time there was a commercial break on TV – you just made a trip to the kitchen, etc.?

Over the last few days I’ve watched over 100 TV/newspaper/on-line commercials which I found on Ads of the world. There are many different kinds of ads (and that’s nothing unusual) but I’ve noticed that there are some major patterns (not always):

  • women in TV –> type: most of the time beautiful, not too intelligent + ads: health, cosmetics, household (cleaning supplies), clothes, etc.

Hyundai Veloster: Death:

Volkswagen Zubehör: Business Class for everyone:

  • men in commercials–> type: handsome, sweet and intelligent or funny and not so bright + ads: business, banks, consultant agencies, household (home improvement), etc.

Sentry Investments: Big Picture:
ads_big picture

Stride: Sorry:

Google Demo Slam: Rushmore:

Liza Salad Dressings: Cow:

Musikaliska Concert Hall: Farinelli (not sure where to add this commercial):

FedExCup: Baby Monitor:

  • children, animals in commercials –> naughty, sweet

Gatos: Refrigerator:

Coca-Cola: Happiness Truck:

PHD Worldwide: We are the Future:

  • non-profit organizations/public agencies –> to promote some good cause (e.g. public safety, health, etc.)

The Department of Transport:

Family Advocacy Center: Broken Record:

Mountain Rider: Frozen Trash:

Canadian Dermatology Association: Indoor Tanning Isn’t Pretty:

  • other –>
  • 13th Street: Bowlingheads:

    Vaseline: Bat:

    The College of Everything:

    KLM: Little acts of kindness (how far is social?):

    I think that over the years TV/newspaper commercials are changing but still we can watch a lot of men+beer, women+cleaning supplies commercials. After watching over 150 commercials I think that still somehow (in my opinion) women on TV ads are presented as “you don’t have to think too much as long as you look great” or “wow, that’s so nice that all you know is what’s in the kitchen”. TV commercials are not easy on men as well: “you don’t have to be handsome nor smart as long as you know how to fix it.” etc.
    But also there are more and more interactive commercials, more creative, more interesting. When you watch on-line commercial you are able to interact by clicking on it and usually there are more options you can chose from. It’s really great because viewers become part of it and not only external recipient.
    Nevertheless there are some really great TV commercials over the world worth to watch.

    Facebook for People Over 50 – Part 2 – Making Connections

    making connections

      Today lets talk about few ways how to make some connections on Facebook
    • search for your family/friends –> type your friend name and last name in the search box which is on top center of the Facebook website. If there are hundreds of results (people with the same name as that one friend you are searching for) then you can try to search by your friend e-mail address (if you know it).
      facebook search box

    Make sure this is the right person you found on Facebook – the easiest way is to click on their photo and check their Facebook profile (usually – depends on private settings – you can see some basic information about that person).

    • send “friend’s request”/add friend to your list –> so you found your friend on Facebook. Of course you would like to “say hello” to them (which means you want to connect with them on Facebook). How to do that? Send a friend’s request – it’s a direct message to your friend.

    Here’s friend’s request

      and here’s friend’s request with additional message. Usually it’s better (nicer) to add few words from yourself:

    facebook invitation

    • address book –> if you have e-mail addres on one of following: gmail/hotmail/yahoo/windowslive. You are able to search Facebook for all those e-mails from address book (on your e-mail account).
    • you can find your high school/collage friends by searching for your school’s Facebook page
    • accepting friend’s request –> don’t forget that your old friends might search for you as well.

    TV Commercials and Social Media

    Have you ever watched TV commercials during Super Bowl or the Oscars ?

    If you did – have you every tweeted on Twitter or posted a comment on Facebook about that? If the TV ad is really good/or really bad – people will tweet and watch at the same time. Which means that some of those commercials go viral, that’s why companies need to connect with viewers on multiple platforms.

    Here are some of those TV commercials:

    • Volkswagen: Darth Vader Kid (2011)
    • Black Eyed Peas (2011)

    Do you remember that (it was a lot about that via social media) that many people watched Super Bowl only for TV commercials? That’s incredible! I guess that’s why some companies are willing to pay $3 million for 30sec. commercial. After all, the buzz about their TV ads will be all over social media.

    Here’s TV ads which directly connecting off-world with social media:

    • carnival cruise lines
    • Macy’s Million Dollar Makeover – Casting Call
    • 2011 Toyota Venza Commercial – Social Network

    …sure, this is living! ohh and that ad was created by Saatchi & Saatchi.

    Do you remember

    It’s not enough to promote product/service on TV ad, it has to be connected (somehow) to social media. I am wondering what’s next? What TV commercials will look like in a future. There are hundreds of TV ads with short info at the end “you can find us on Twitter/Facebook” and it was “cool” and “new” few years ago, right now I am not sure if we even pay attention to that info. TV ads will have to be more interactive inviting viewers to interact with the brand/company.

    As Edward Boches wrote:

    Brands will create more complex forms of advertising. If we’re all to engage and talk about the advertising, it can’t be boring or limited to outbound messages. We need more interactive, conversation-inspiring ideas that invite our participation. Think Frank Rose’s The Art of Immersion. More and more ads will include hashtags, start conversations and seek true consumer involvement, extending the story beyond the thirty-second spot.

    …so do you watch TV commercials? I do, and I even like some of them.

    Google+ vs. Facebook Again?

      Facebook – Yes
      Google+ – No


      Facebook – No
      Google+ – Yes

    or maybe:

      Facebook ok and Google+ ok
      ohh come on, make up your mind, will you? but I can’t: I like Facebook (I mean I got used to it) and Google+ is so new and I just don’t want to move all my friends lists from Facebook to Google+. But at the other hand, Google+ is growing so fast, and so many people are using it (over 10 million since it’s launch).
      ok ok, I need to stop for a sec and think:
    • time –> how much time do I spend on all those activities on Google+ and Facebook
    • Where are all my friends? –> I want to be where my friends are
    • why –> why do I want to use Google+? maybe because I don’t want to be left behind. I want to know what is going on across the social media environment
      So what should I do? What is the best option?
      I think I will give Google+ a try and see what happen next. At the same time I will remember not to forget about my everyday schedule. And, of course, I won’t leave Facebook (over 700 millions users there).
      Here’s a youtube video you might find interesting (and funny as well):

      And a infographic Facebook vs. Google+


    Cool Infographics

    Do you like infographics? I do.
    Why? Images are easier to understand, one look and you know what’s going on (not always, I get that).

    I am amazed how people are able to design all those infographics. If you check the definition of infographic (I did on Wikipedia):

    Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge.

    …which means that you can present probably every content using infographic. Lets stop and think about that for a second. Have you noticed how popular is youtube (because it’s all about videos – visual representation not writing). Why almost every blog-guide has some tips about blog post length – that it shouldn’t be too long (300-700 words)? I think that there are few reasons why:

    • time –> we don’t have too much time
    • information –> maybe we don’t have too much time but we love to collect information
    • overload –> there are so much information/content all around internet, that we want to pre-check as much as possible and make decision whether we want to stop and read/watch more

    If I want to read a book – I will get a book, but when I want to get information, I prefer it will be short and if I need to more about some topic, then I can search for more.

      Whether it’s about Twitter, Facebook or other social media platforms:

    or distracted driving (wow!)

      or organizations:
      or about infographics:
      or fonts:

    OMG What a Traffic

    Again, like every day, I opened my Google Reader and went wild on reading interesting (or not) posts.
    This time was a little bit different because I decided to focus even more on posts’ titles. I noticed that there are a lot of post regarding “how to drive traffic to you website/blog”. Everything about TRAFFIC and how you can get more MONEY!!!

      traffic titles
      Have you ever wonder what if you get all that great traffic to your blog/www – then what? Do you have a strategy? Do you know what do you need, what is the reason why you want all that traffic?

    that’s not all… there were dozens of posts similar to those.


      …too much about traffic, ok so maybe this time about “right keywords” or maybe how to earn a lot of money working on your blog? Sure, after few months writing posts you can earn a lot of money!
      I didn’t find anywhere anything about “hard work”, that before you get big money, you need to (for real) work hard to get that. At least most of the time. I guess people like to talk about the money, how to earn money (as fast as possible), how to become the most popular blogger/…, etc. After all those post I think “wow, it’s so easy. Few weeks and I will be next Lady Gaga among bloggers”, right 😉 Get back to work and try to enjoy it.

    2 Reasons Why We Love and Hate Facebook?

    …do you like Facebook? ok, maybe even love, right?
    …but sometimes you simply hate it.

      Here are 10 reasons why you hate Facebook:

      see Facebook, see Facebook, what happened when worlds collides?!

      and here is 1 general reason why we love Facebook. Don’t be shy, admit it – you just bought that new fancy smartphone just to publish (on Facebook) another video of your cat:

      Have you ever wonder why we are sharing private information on Facebook? If someone asks us some personal question (e.g. at work, at school, etc.) we would say “that’s not your business”. But at the same time we are willing to share so much on Facebook. Why?

    Facebook vs. Google+

      Did you hear about Google new platform called Google+ ?
      If not – here is the Goodle+ demo:
      Have you noticed that Google changed it’s layout? top menu bar and +1 button added to research results links googleplusproject_layout
      The feature I find the more useful so far is the Google+ Hangouts – it’s alternative for Skype, etc. Facebook should think about similar option as well. Here is the youtube video of Google+ Hangouts:
      Mario Sundar* at Quora published interesting (and very useful) feedback regarding Google+ platform:

      (Google+ Circles, but it’s still just a far easier-to-setup-and-use friend list. Facebook allows you to create different friend lists today (think “Limited Profile”) and even prompts you to bucket your friends when you connect — but how many users use that.


      Don’t get me wrong: Google+ gets an A for effort (So, did Friendfeed as well as Google Wave). But, now they’ve their task cut of out them. And, they’re very well aware of it.

      Facebook answer to Google+ Circle is app called CircleHack:

    circlehack_sample image

      PCWorld published article regarding Google+ Circle and Facebook circlehack tools.

    A new site called Circle Hack uses a drag-and-drop format similar to Circles on Google+ that lets you organize your Facebook friends into lists quickly and easily

    Deborah from kommein published post 10 Google+ Tips to Help You Get Off to a Good Start. You will be able to find there few interesting tips to make sure you are using Google+ right.

    After testing Google+ and using Facebook I think that:

    • we will have to use few/many application to be able to organize our activities in social media environment – which might be pain in the neck. But at the other hand maybe that’s good – because we have options to choose from
    • I don’t like to maintain the same content (e.g. my friends’ list) on few social media platforms – it’s a big time-consuming disadvantage

    ….so now the question is: who Google+ will compete with Facebook? and Is there enough space for both? The ideal situation would be collaboration between Facebook and Google – but I guess it won’t happen too soon.

    *Mario Sundar – Chief Blogger at LinkedIn, the World’s largest online professional network.