That’s right. I’m moving my personal blog…again (which is the second time). This time the location is called GroovyTakeOn. It would be great if you could check my new place, it’s all about groovy randomness and I hope you are going to like it.

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A lot has been going on and as I mentioned earlier I am moving my blog from to – big change for me but also very good.
I hope that you will like the new edition of Groovy Pink Blog.

…so look around because within next 10-15 days there will be something new going on at Groovy Pink Blog.

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4 apps which can help you to manage Twitter

Twitter tools

There are few ways to find people/companies on Twitter and control/manage your tweets. Today another 4 apps:

  • Twitter advanced search
  • followerwonk — helps you search Twitter bios
  • — Twitter to email and email to Twitter | summary emails of searches, DMs, new/lost followers
  • tweetspinner— web-based app which can helps to increases your Twitter productivity by: automatically de-spam/archive your DM inbox; schedule rotation of Twitter profiles and designs; follower management and analytics

How Facebook EdgeRank works?

Jay Baer explains on his website how Facebook EdgeRank works:

“if you’re truly passionate about something, you’ll most likely click and/or comment on the status updates published by that something, giving Facebook a hint that they should definitely show you more of that publisher’s musings in the future, by automatically pushing it to your Top News stream.”

According to Chris Sietsema 1 in 500 updates on Facebook make it to the news feed.
Facebook EdgeRank Algorithm

The question is what to do to generate more traffic and how to understand that algorithm? Mari Smith during her webinar at social media success summit explains that:

  • educate your friends — generate more feedback from your connections by creating, e.g: ask questions, share information others may find interesting
  • don’t publish everything at the same time or in short period of time. Create a schedule: once, twice a day or three times a week – whenever is the best for you and your friends/fans.
  • use variety kinds of Facebook content –> photos, videos, links, status updates, apps, questions, etc.

It’s new SEO for Facebook – NFO — News Feed Optimization