basket_full_of_linksSharing is good so lets share some information.

Social Media experts


  • email marketing application: check here
  • AttentionWizard is a tool for website designers and marketers to validate web designs before they go live. attention wizard

Webinars/on-line learning/on-line colaboration

  • gotomeeting recording
  • how to create a banner on your facebook page
  • Quizlet — is the largest flash cards and study games website with over 5 million free sets of flashcards covering every possible subject. It’s the best place to play educational games, memorize vocabulary and study online.
  • –> screen sharing tool for meetings which helps people to communicate: chat box, share documents/designs/etc.
  • copyscape –> this app will help you to search for any other copies of your www page on the internet.

Useful tools to keep You and your computer ‘happy’

  • Picasa –software + place online where you can upload and share photos and videos
  • Picnik–another place where you can upload your photos and edit them
  • OpenOffice–if you can’t afford to buy Microsoft Office try this free version
  • Goodtyping–to check your typing seed test and learn how to type
  • Sense-lang— another website where you can practive your keyboard typing + interesting unit dedicated Seniors
  • Windows Live Essentials 2011 by Microsoft–in case if you are looking for software which you can use to maintain your: email/photos/movies/etc.
  • Skype–free video calling + many other options
  • PDF Creator by jahwe2000, thesmilyface–helps You to creat PDFs from any windows program. Use it like a printer in word/ppp/excel files
  • Convert PDF to Word–free online application
  • HTML Tags chart–basic list of HTML tags
  • freedom — simple productivity application that locks you away from the internet for up to eigh hours at a time
  • — application which blocks access to incoming and/or outgoing mail servers and websites for a predetermined time
  • Momento — application which let you to write your diary ‘on the go’
  • Pomodoro technique — is a way to get the most out of time management. Set your timer for 25 min and start working on your task
  • Socialbakers — heart of Facebook statistics, there is every statistic you may imagine
  • 37signals –frustration-free web-based apps for collaboration, sharing information.
  • Federal Trade Commission – FTC Publishes Final Guides Governing Endorsements, Testimonials (Changes Affect Testimonial Advertisements, Bloggers, Celebrity Endorsements)
  • Newsy for iPad: Multisource Video News Analysis
  • The Early Edition — personal daily newspaper delivery. The app takes the news sources (via their RSS feeds) and presents their content in a format which is familiar and stylish
  • AP News — is a breaking-news experience only for iPad. It will keep you up-to-date with what’s happening anywhere
  • NRP for iPad — experience NRP in magazine style with a focus on News, Arts & Life, and Music content. The app also replicates popular features of the NPR News iPhone app
  • problogdesign — a great source of how to design a better blog, all usful information what and how
  • Box Hill Institute — guys from Box Hill created a video about social media. The new data regarding social media.
    Youtube Create –> video-recording apps:

  • GoAnimate — helps you to make animated videos (free). You don’t have to draw, but you can choose your cast of characters (or create them).
  • Stupeflix Video Maker — helps you to mix pictures, videos, maps, text, music. It’s free app
  • Xtranormal Movie Maker — helps you turn text into a fully-animated CG movie. You can set up your scene/type your script/ animate. It’s free
    Twitter apps:
  • Twitter and its resources: Twitter resources
  • Hootsuite — another tool to manage Tweeter/Facebook/Linkedin/wordpress/ etc. in one place
  • Twitter Advanced Search
  • twilert — free web app that enables you to receive regular email updates of tweets containing your brand, product, service or just keywords you like
  • Klout — that app identifies influencers on topics across the social web
  • Trendsmap — real time local Twitter trends
  • Trendistic — allows you to check trends in twitter
  • tweetcloud — search for specific words
  • twopular — another app which can help to check trends on Twitter
  • twittersheep — you can check a tag cloud from the ‘bios’ of your twitter flock
  • tweetspinner — this web-based app increases Twitter productivity: automatically de-spam/archive, schedule rotation of Twitter profiles and designs, etc.
  • backtweets — see how many people you can reach on Twitter. Twitter analytics to help you understand how people interact with you and your content
  • Timely — interesting app. You can schedule when your tweets will be published. The app is analyze your past 199 tweets and figure out the best time slots. Then use this info to auto-schedule your tweets and learn as your followers grow.
  • twithawk — is a real time target marketing engine that will find people talking on Twitter now by your chosen topic and location, allowing you to really hit your target mid conversation with ease.
  • socialflow — SocialFlow is a platform that dynamically publishes your content when it will resonate most with your customers and audiences on Twitter.
  • Twitter Adder –help you to get more followers
  • followerwonk — helps you search Twitter bios
  • — Twitter to email and email to Twitter | summary emails of searches, DMs, new/lost followers
  • tweetspinner— web-based app which can helps to increases your Twitter productivity by: automatically de-spam/archive your DM inbox; schedule rotation of Twitter profiles and designs; follower management and analytics
  • tweetcloud –search for a specific words or users
  • TweetEffect — Find out which of your Twitter updates made people follow or leave you.
    Tools for monitoring on-line activities:
  • google alerts –> Monitor the Web for interesting new content. You will get email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic.
  • technorati –> If you have a blog, then you have to be on Technorati, which is the largest blog search engine in the world.
  • Backtype –> is a tool for monitoring blog comments
  • coComment –> is another tool that will help you manage your comments across the web.
  • Yacktrack –> lets you search for comments on your content from various sources, such as Blogger, Digg, FriendFeed, Stumbleupon, and WordPress blogs
  • twitter search –> search directly on Twitter
  • twilert –> e-mail updates of tweets containing your brand, product, etc.
  • tweetbeep –> another app which helps you to keep track of conversations that mention you, your products, your company, anything, with hourly updates
  • friendfeed –> a social aggregator. You have the ability to take all of your social accounts, such as YouTube, Delicious, Twitter, blog, and Flickr, and pull them together into a single (Friend) feed. You can conduct searches on your brand throughout all social networks at once using this search engine.
  • socialmention –> is a social media search and analysis platform that aggregates user generated content from across the universe into a single stream of information.
  • websitegrader –> you can check how well is your website doing? Is it getting traffic? Does it have SEO problems? How popular is it in social media? All you’ve got to do is to enter your website url and generate report.
    Audio/Podcast apps:
  • Audacity –> it’s a free audio editor and recorder for Windows/Mac OS X/GNU/Linux and other operating systems. You can record live audio, convert tapes and records into digital recording, edit sound files, mix sounds, etc.
  • AudioAcrobat –> is perfect for producing online Radio Shows and Podcasts. It’s has 30-days trial.
  • Audioboo -> this app you can use on your smartphone or based on-web to record/upload audio.
    Google search in colors:
  • ninja — black google search site
  • earthle — black/green google search
  • google-black — save 3k megawatts-hr a year with google search in black
  • jabago — black google search
  • searchincolor — choose your internet search color scheme
    Cloud storage:
  • zumodrive — access all your files anywhere, 3GB free storage
  • IDrive — backup online – secure, fast and simple. 5GB for free.
  • Dropbox — dropbox account comes with 2GB of space for free, 50GB for $9.99/month or 100GB for $19.99/month
    Survey apps:
  • surveymonkey — you can create a survey online. You can do that choosing basic version which is for free or purchase more advanced
      QR code generators
    • uQR.mefree application which allows you to create and share web content with others. Simple to use, you can sign in using your Facebook account. You can generate black/white QR code
    • QRstuff — really cool free on-line application. You can generate your QR code with data, e.g.: text/url/phone number/email/contact details/event info/location/wifi login/paypal buy now link/social media accounts/iTune link/youtube video. You can also chose color of your QR code. All of that is for free. Additionally you can order (and pay) t-shirts/mugs/car stickers/hats/business cards/bags/buttons with your QR code on it
    • Customqrcodes — company which will design unique QR code for you and your company. They are also offering free simple QR generator – BeQRious, which let you to create
    • zebra crossing — QR code generator. You can create code which can contain: URL/contact information/event information/phone number/location/etc. Additional feature: you can download QR codes in three sizes: small/medium/large
    • jumpscan — you can generate QR code which combines all your contact and social media information so you can share it with your friends. Free application
    • invx — tiny and free QR code generator app. You can custom color and size of your QR code

    hand-drawn icons used on my blog are designed by cool guys from 177DESIGNScool