social media for baby bommers

    Social media basics for Baby Boomers and all who are in need or just would like to know more about:
  • what social media is all about?
  • how social media work?
  • how to stay safe using social media applications/platforms/ etc.?
  • how to communicate via social media with rest of the world (family, friends,etc.)?
  • how to find information via social media (newspapers, magazines, vacation tips, health tips, hobbies)
    So you have been working all your life, you’ve been busy and didn’t have time nor need to learn and use social media that much. Now (finally) you have more time for yourself and others. But your kids and friends live in different states so you are wondering it would be so nice to be able to stay in touch with all of them more often but how to do that?
    Your family wants you to view pictures they posted on Facebook and you are wondering “how to get to that Facebook?” (because you heard of Facebook but don’t know exactly what to do with it) or “my kids want me to share on Facebook pictures I took last summer and I don’t know how to do that?” or maybe even “hmmm, my granddaughter asked me to with her on Facebook – and I don’t know what does it mean really.”
    First of all – no worries. Don’t be afraid to use your computer, it’s just another tool, like remote control or a car. You don’t need to know everything about it – and still you are able to use it, right? right! Whether you are baby boomer, late bloomer, technophobe or you feel scared the moment you have to find something on-line – no worries!
    what is social media all about? –> I like to call it an “environment” where you can communicate with other people on-line (via internet). There are a lot of tools (applications, platforms) which you can use to maintain that communications: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Flickr, etc.

Here you can check the youtube “Social Media Revolution 2011” video where you can find few information about social media (how big it is, what’s, where, etc.)

Here you will find step-by-step guide (series of posts) how to use social media. I will publish series of posts: “Social Media 101 for Baby Boomers. How to use social media applications, stay safe and have fun.”:

to be continued…


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