Do We Need Google Offers?

    What do you think about shopping? Do you like it? Just think about going to the shopping mall and search for some things you need to buy or maybe you prefer to do shopping on-line?

It’s all about collective buyer power – you can find offers with up to 60%, 70%, 80% discounts.
There is another player on the market – Google Offers

So far I was searching Groupon for daily deals (spa, theater, restaurant, etc.). I was wondering how Groupon, Livingsocial and GoogleOffers works. All of daily offers platforms works similar:

  • subscribe –> you will receive e-mails with daily offers in your city (city you choose) or check on website or on Facebook page or Twitter
  • choose –> chose the offer you like
  • pay –> purchase chosen deal
  • get the coupon/voucher –> wait for the e-mail with voucher/coupon
  • enjoy –> enjoy your purchase and remember about the deal’s expiration date

Here is a youtube video on how Groupon works:


    Pro: interesting feature is that you can purchase a giftcard on Groupon – which is nice option as a present.
    Con: during purchasing process you need to provide your credit card details (every time) – but maybe that’s should be consider as pro (I’m not sure).
    How Livingsocial works:


    Ok, so now lets look at the Google Offers:
    Pro: wow, everything in one place (on Google); you can sign in using your google account.
    Con: it’s just the beginning so google offers is available only in 6 cities; I’m not sure whether having everything in one place (google) is a good way. It’s a short way for google to have a monopoly on the market.
    Here is a youtube video on how google offers works:
    Google Offers payment option: you need to provide your credit card details once and it will be saved in your account. That option is provided by Google Checkout

I believe that many people might move from Groupon or Livingsocial to Google Offers just because they have Gmail accounts and because of that they have less passwords to remember.

The question is do we need another daily deals platform? Will Google Offers win the competition race? I don’t know. It’s another project by Google – lets wait a while and see what happen.

How Can You Control Your Mobile?

I just saw a TV commercial (do you remember TV? I know, something you don’t watch that much).
There is a something called Wirless Leash by ZOMM

The Wireless Leash by ZOMM will keep you from ever leaving your phone behind. It’s the perfect way to keep your phone where it needs to be – with you.


That device looks like a key chain, so all you need to do is to attach it to your keys.
I checked the specification of that product and every time you want to use the Bluetooth connection in your car you will need to remember to switch from one device to the other (from Zomm to your car Bluetooth), right?

Good that there is a mobile application which helps your to find your keys and the Zomm device attached to your keys. And Then if you are too far away from your mobile, Zomm will start beeping to let you know that you forgot your mobile.

The price is high (in my opinion) – $79.99

The question is how often do you forget to take your mobile with you?

4 Social Media Platforms You Should Use

    How many social media applications/platform are you using?

ohhh…do you have problems to count all of them? Let me guess, some of those applications you are using on your mobile, some on your computer.

    Pick a number:

Lets think how many (really) social media applications/platforms we can use and be up-to-date:

  • Google –> google docs, google reader, gmail, google voice, google search, Picasa, google maps, etc. – covers a lot of our needs
  • Facebook –> instant communication, sharing photos, status updates, videos, etc.
  • Twitter –> another way of text messages, great for networking, etc.
  • Linkedin –> network application for professionals

Big trio and google

    That’s a great beginning, isn’t it?
    Ask yourself a question:
  • how many applications do you really need?
  • haw many applications do you have but didn’t use for last few weeks?

Where Do I Find Free Background Music to My Presentation or Video?


    …so you decided to create a youtube video or maybe you want to record your presentation using e.g. camstudio? That’s really great, do it!

    …but you want to add also background music and don’t know where to find free one?

before you start searching the internet for free background music you should make sure that:

  • copy rights — The problem is that not too many people think about copy rights and they want to use “The Beatles”, “Rolling Stones”, “Cold Play”, etc. I know it would be great – but as long as we don’t have rights to do that – lets just simply not even try.
  • if you know that you can use the music in your presentation/video – make sure to add the composer’s name or www at the end of your video

Here are some websites where you can find background music:

  • incompetech — songs are divided into several categories so it helps you to find the right for you
  • danosongs — Dan-O is a creative musician and he is sharing his music with others for free
  • melogyloops
  • jewelbeat— free background music
  • Jam Studio — here something different for those who want to try compose song by themselves
    There are a lot of website with free music – remember to search for “royalty free” keywords.

Why Do You Use and Need Twitter?

Michael R. H. Stewart, president of Jericho Technology published interesting post regarding Twitter Twitter is Not for Twits!. After that post I asked myself a question: Why Twitter? Why do we use Twitter? What do we need? What is the purpose?

    …so why do you use Twitter?
  • to learn
  • to listen
  • to communicate
  • to say something
  • to be closer
  • to promote yourself
  • to check your competitors

What I did was to check the Twitter website and this is what I found :

How to Create QR Code?

QR_klaudia_blog url

  • Would you like to create your own QR code but don’t know exactly how to do it?
  • You have seen many QR codes but don’t know what’s that.

I think people gone wild…creating QR codes and uploading them everywhere: on-line (of course), on stickers, business cards, mugs, t-shirts, posters, hats, etc.

First lets just say what’s QR code is: it’s a specific barcode. You can find it almost everywhere. On many products in a store, etc.

There are many free on-line application which help you to create QR codes here are few of them:

  • uQR.mefree application which allows you to create and share web content with others. Simple to use, you can sign in using your Facebook account. You can generate black/white QR code
  • QRstuff — really cool free on-line application. You can generate your QR code with data, e.g.: text/url/phone number/email/contact details/event info/location/wifi login/paypal buy now link/social media accounts/iTune link/youtube video. You can also chose color of your QR code. All of that is for free. Additionally you can order (and pay) t-shirts/mugs/car stickers/hats/business cards/bags/buttons with your QR code on it
  • Customqrcodes — company which will design unique QR code for you and your company. They are also offering free simple QR generator – BeQRious, which let you to create
  • zebra crossing — QR code generator. You can create code which can contain: URL/contact information/event information/phone number/location/etc. Additional feature: you can download QR codes in three sizes: small/medium/large
  • jumpscan — you can generate QR code which combines all your contact and social media information so you can share it with your friends. Free application
  • chocolate graphics — that’s something different but SWEET, you can order chocolates with QR codes on it. Person who will receive that chocolate will be able to check the QR code and information in it – and after that eat the chocolate – sweet idea
    …it’s time to enjoy and generate your own QR code!
    Here you can see really big QR code:

How to Communicate with People Nearby?

person and tree

  • Do you need firs-hand information about good local business? Are you looking for a nice restaurant nearby your location but you don’t know any?
  • Foursquare is not enough for you?
  • Facebook Places is not what you really want?

Caleb Elston and David Kasper created a simple to use application called yobongo

Yobongo it’s a application which helps people to communicate with each other in the same location.
If you have a question, or looking for some restaurant/movie theater/store/etc. — yobongo can help you with that.

So far the application is only in 3 cities: San Francisco, Austin, New York City. Lets see what next.

Tablet: Top 4 Questions to Ask Before You Buy

cherries…so you want to buy a tablet?
Whether it would be iPad2, Acer, Adam, Samsung Galaxy or other you should stop for a second and ask yourself 4 questions:

  1. applications — most of the time tablet is all about applications so make sure that there is a big number of applications available to your tablet in case you want to use them. Some companies don’t have that many applications available than others
  2. user friendly environment — make sure that there is easy access to applications/updates/etc. online. That you can login to one place online and take care of all of that.
  3. customer service — make sure if there is a good quality service online/via phone so you can talk to customer service representative and ask for help/information
  4. price — how much are you willing to pay for the tablet? iPad: up to $830, Samsung Galaxy: up to $429, Acer: for $449

First Test of Prezi App

prezi_appWhat do you know about How it works? Why you should use prezi and not powerpoint? Will prezi change the “powerpoint world”? So what for do we need prezi?

I am not sure whether prezi will change the way we are creating presentations. People got used to Microsoft Office and as long as they have powerpoint on their desktops/laptops – they will use it.

Prezi (international launch in 2009) is offering something old in new version: in my opinion the main concept is based on mind-mapping and it’s exactly how it works.

Powerpoint is like a book (slide after another) vs. 1 whiteboard prezi where you can add as much content as you want or as less as you need but still everything on one page. That’s why it’s something old (mind-mapping) and new – app which allows you to create presentation.

Is prezi strong enough to compete with powerpoint? I don’t think so, Microsoft is too big and powerpoint has way much more features.

Will prezi change the presentation world? I am not sure, I think that people how needs to present ‘hard data‘ will stay with powerpoint, and those who love something ‘more’ creative will try to implement prezi. Unfortunately there are still some problemswith the application prezi needs to figure them out…but it’s matter of time.

So what for do we need prezi? This app is still relatively new (comparing to powerpoint) and I assume it’s not their last word – they designers from prezi will try to show us something more (more features?).

prezi-bubble-menuPrezi app is user-friendly, much more than powerpoint – maybe because they have less features than Microsoft is offering their users. The only one problem is that you have to use the web-based app (on prezi website) and if you chose the free (public) package – your presentation will available to the public. So whether you purchased the the $59 or $159/yr packages or you will be stuck with the public option.

You can ask: ok but I need to pay for powerpoint as well to use it. That’s true but if you create gmail account you can use google docs and powerpoint as well (of course it won’t have as many features as the ‘normal’ version) but still you will be able to use it/share with others (secure it or publish). You can always use the openoffice

So is it worth to use prezi app? Yes, I think it is worth to use this application, it’s something new, something different you can use to present your content…and you always can get back to powerpoint.