Copy or Not to Copy?

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    …so you are sitting in front of the computer and you need to write an article/post/etc. but you don’t have slightest idea how to start, or you don’t have enough information. That sucks, isn’t it?
    What are you doing in that situation? Lets check few options:
  • waiting till you figure it out what to write? –> that’s not the best option if you don’t have much time to wait for inspiration
  • you start looking around what other people created and you start thinking “maybe I can “borrow” some content…
  • staying all night + surf the internet for any possible information you can use to create that content –> you are not so proud of it but at least you did it (yourself?)

Why there is so much fuss regarding copyrights ?

Copyright owners have the exclusive statutory right to exercise control over copying and other exploitation of the works for a specific period of time, after which the work is said to enter the public domain.

    I’ve been thinking how to protect the content (e.g. images, etc.) created by us and published on-line? Is there any 100% (guaranteed) protection? Copyrights, law? We know that it’s not working all the time, internet is simply too big. But maybe we should “let it share and copy”, maybe we should just agree that everything can be and might me copied sooner or later. Maybe…but what about all that effort and hard work we invested in creating the content? What about profits? hmmm…getting more interesting, right?
    So maybe the best option is not to publish that content on-line? come on…it’s not possible because internet is just another platform to do business, communicate. Of course we can add all those copyrights symbols and information about copyrights all over our content – but is it really protect it? If someone wants to copy our content – they can do it, it’s just matter of time. I know that in a “perfect world” every time when content is shared there is information about the author, etc. But as long as we are not in a perfect world we can we do?

your content
There are many websites with “how to protect your content”. Tips “How to Protect Your Work From Internet Copyright Violation”, you can check the U.S. Copyright Office or you can check some information regarding copyright myths?

Maybe we should be aware and just get used to it, that people share and copy content and that’s it?

    What is your opinion regarding copyrights/sharing/copying content? Is there a chance to protect it on-line or it’s just the lost cause.

How to increase social media influance

stadium chairs and field

“Don’t think about the score”

What Brian Solis says about social media mission:

‘Always pay it forward and never forget to pay it back…it’s how you got here and it defines where you’re going.’

I think that the main core we should focus on is our content – what we want to share with others, how we want to share it and when. Depends on the content – how much it will be popular – people will follow that content. If that’s something they don’t need – well…they won’t even bother.

We are used to presenting potential clients our products/services but we are not that much involved in the conversation. What social media is giving us is the possibility to find more clients but we need to change our process of communicating with customers. We need to talk to people, show them what kind of benefits they might get. Clients need to know that we are not only selling something but also helping them by explaining, providing the conversation, sharing information/tips/ideas.
I think that people don’t want to be left alone – they want to feel that any time they are able to reach us and get the information. And that’s what social media are for…helping us to do that – be closer to each other. Commitment is something we need to remember and be able to engage.

Brian Solis is telling about social media influence:

“Influence is not measured by a score, but instead by the culmination of resulting actions. Focusing efforts on solely driving actions is counter productive. As such, focusing efforts to boost scores is as shallow as it is restricted.”

I think Brian wants to show us that we should go further, we should start see the bigger pictures and not only the numbers/profit. I think that profit will come as long as we are focus on quality and communication with people.

Brian Solis: “The distance between who I am and who I want to be is separated only by my actions and words…”

Brian Solis — Author of the acclaimed new book on social media and business, Engage!, Brian Solis is principal at Altimeter Group, a research-based advisory firm. Solis is globally recognized as one of the most prominent thought leaders and published authors in new media. A digital analyst, sociologist, and futurist, Solis has studied and influenced the effects of emerging media on business, marketing, publishing, and culture

What you can do with content on Facebook

I read a article “Content on Facebook: What Separates a Popular Fan Page from the Rest?” by Kathleen Barth .

Kathleen, like many other social media people, says that content is king. This time she provide us with analyze what allows Facebook fan page maximize its impact.

Owner Content.
Most popular types of content:
Fan Content.
Top reasons fans join a brand page:
image with text find discounts (42%)
image just love products (33%)
video get latest news on products (24%)
text give company ideas on how to improve products (12%)
external link get customer service (12%)
poll complain (6%)
reasons fans choose to follow a page: top reasons to unsubscribe from a fan page:
being treated in a special way by the brand (95%) no longer interested in brand (32%)
be spokesman for brand (94%) information published too frequently (27%)
talk/interaction (77%) information not liked by fan (12%)
not publishing frequently enough (7%)

The whole article you can find at socialmediatoday site
Kathleen Barth — 3 years of social media marketing experience in the Los Angeles area, mostly for entertainment clients. She is available for freelance work.

website = from advertisment to content…really?

go up
I attended a webinar yesterday – Optimize Your Site for Maximum Lead Flow created and presented by Tim Ash and Mike Volpe from Hubspot
Tim and Mike shared a lot of interesting information regarding SEO. Things everyone who is writing a blog/maintaining website/etc. should know.
Some info. worth to remember:

  • make sure you know your buyer persona
  • focus on your content
  • did you know that more people will visit company’s website if the company provide blog too
  • cut down text – people love content but you cannot overwhelmed them with it
  • CALL TO ACTION – don’t forget to add that on your page
  • I need to agree to what those two said during the webinar. I also noticed that almost everywhere people are talking about content and less about advertisement. There are social media voices which are explaining to us that investing money ONLY in ads won’t give us too much except loosing money….but investing in good content will bring more and more people to your website.
    My question is how much we are drifting towards content and from advertisement?
    Why there are still so much money invested in advertisement?
    If we know that content is a MUST why we still putting money in advertisement?