4 Social Media Platforms You Should Use

    How many social media applications/platform are you using?

ohhh…do you have problems to count all of them? Let me guess, some of those applications you are using on your mobile, some on your computer.

    Pick a number:

Lets think how many (really) social media applications/platforms we can use and be up-to-date:

  • Google –> google docs, google reader, gmail, google voice, google search, Picasa, google maps, etc. – covers a lot of our needs
  • Facebook –> instant communication, sharing photos, status updates, videos, etc.
  • Twitter –> another way of text messages, great for networking, etc.
  • Linkedin –> network application for professionals

Big trio and google

    That’s a great beginning, isn’t it?
    Ask yourself a question:
  • how many applications do you really need?
  • haw many applications do you have but didn’t use for last few weeks?

How to Add Google Docs and Calendar to WordPress.com Blog?

    Do you have a wordpress.com blog and would like to publish some Google Docs files or Google calendar?

WordPress.com presents new options (great!):

You can publish files created on Google Docs:

  • spreadsheets
  • docs
  • presentations
  • forms


..or you can publish files created on your computer and then uploaded to your Google Docs


more information how to publish files from Google Docsyou can find here
more information how to publish your Google Calendar in your blog widget- you can find here