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Having secrets is nothing unusul.  It could be a small or big one but at some point in life we had/have/will have a secret  

 that we don’t want to share with anyone. I just think that keeping secrets is tiresome so I guess the best option is to not have any secrets, right?Is it even possible to not have any secrets? And have that simple secrets-free life? What do you think?


5 Ways How to Become Better…in Whatever You Want


    Do you have a plan of action for every day?
    Whatever you will do – how will it effect others?
    Do you feel that your actions are random sometimes?… that you don’t know what you are doing…

I was searching internet to find something interesting to read – and somehow I found Five Reiki Principles. I don’t know too much about Reiki (of course I already check the definition in Wikipedia) but I think those principles everybody may use. At least it can help to organize yourself.

Here are 5 Principles:

  • “don’t get angry” –> I’m not sure how easy is that, but we can try
  • “don’t worry” –> what? I mean – how?
  • “be grateful” –> I like that, it’s very important to be thankful for what we’ve got and for all those people we have chance to meet
  • “work hard” –> love it!
  • “be kind to others” –> my dad used to say: what comes around – goes around. I think that being kind and sending the “positive message” to others is a good way to go thorough life.

Think about that, what can you do to make your life better and be able to cope with others.