Books Worth to Read

books2Some books are worth to read, but sometimes I just don’t know which one I should read first.

    So I decided to share some of those books with you. Most of those (if not all) are social media, marketing, leadership , personal development related books. I hope next time create “just to read and have fun” list of books.
    Here is the link where you can find that list.

I will update the list as often as possible.

Why Do You Use and Need Twitter?

Michael R. H. Stewart, president of Jericho Technology published interesting post regarding Twitter Twitter is Not for Twits!. After that post I asked myself a question: Why Twitter? Why do we use Twitter? What do we need? What is the purpose?

    …so why do you use Twitter?
  • to learn
  • to listen
  • to communicate
  • to say something
  • to be closer
  • to promote yourself
  • to check your competitors

What I did was to check the Twitter website and this is what I found :

How to Increase Number of Your Twitter Followers?

dogs sleep…so you want to become a big player on Twitter and drive traffic to your business?

I attended a really interesting and ‘fast’ webinar by Chris Plourde from Insomnia Marketing Group

Chris explained how we can drive traffic via Twitter or more specific: what we need to do to get more followers on Twitter.

few of Chris’ tips:

  • follow people who follow you — if you won’t follow those who follow you, they might un-follow you
  • Twitter Direct Message — remember to send ‘thank you” DM to those who follow you + add link to your Linkedin/Facebook account to stay connected in the rest of Big Trio (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter)
  • use Twitter search — to find more people to follow
  • Twitter counter — provides statistics of Twitter usage and tracks. Free application
  • twittercounter.chart_may 2011

  • follow people from your niche — follow people who follow your “Twitter superstars’ from your niche
  • use 3rd party apps — e.g. TweetDeck, HootSuite, etc. – help you to organize your social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, wordpress, Linkedin)
  • TweetAdder — Automate Twitter Promotion & Marketing application. All Prices are one time (Lifetime Updates on Program)

What you can do with content on Facebook

I read a article “Content on Facebook: What Separates a Popular Fan Page from the Rest?” by Kathleen Barth .

Kathleen, like many other social media people, says that content is king. This time she provide us with analyze what allows Facebook fan page maximize its impact.

Owner Content.
Most popular types of content:
Fan Content.
Top reasons fans join a brand page:
image with text find discounts (42%)
image just love products (33%)
video get latest news on products (24%)
text give company ideas on how to improve products (12%)
external link get customer service (12%)
poll complain (6%)
reasons fans choose to follow a page: top reasons to unsubscribe from a fan page:
being treated in a special way by the brand (95%) no longer interested in brand (32%)
be spokesman for brand (94%) information published too frequently (27%)
talk/interaction (77%) information not liked by fan (12%)
not publishing frequently enough (7%)

The whole article you can find at socialmediatoday site
Kathleen Barth — 3 years of social media marketing experience in the Los Angeles area, mostly for entertainment clients. She is available for freelance work.

Webinar: Become an Expert in Local Marketing

March 15th 2011 I will attend the webinar: Become an Expert in Local Marketing – provided by HubSpot (Eric Vreeland & Maggie Georgieva, Inbound Marketering Experts at HubSpot)

more information about the webinar you can find at: HubSport site

Small business vs. social media

clock_timeI have no idea how I found out that article on The Sydney Morning HeraldFinancial planner spins a social media web but I think it’s worth to read.

There is interview with David Linco who is small business owner – as an example how small business can use the social media tools. How to NOT spend that much money and at the same time be able to do it on your own (on a small scale) and help yourself to make money.

The traditional marketing had become expensive for a lot of small business. So what small companies can do in that situation: no money but still need to take care of the marketing – USE SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS! most of them are for free (which is great).

What David Linco used so far were:

  • webinar (tool: GoToWebinar
  • email marketing (tool: MailChimp)
  • Linkedin (subscription to groups on
  • videos (tool: youtube)
  • As you can see this is NOT that complicated and you don’t have to spend much money but don’t forget that you will need to spend quite a bit of time to figure it out what is the best for you.

    1. GoToWebinar
    2. MailChimp
    3. linkedin
    4. youtube

    Social Media Marketing-new trends

    Carrie S. Leslie wrote on her blog about Trends in The Online Advertising Industry.

    The part which I like the most is the list of Facebook and Twitter list of trends:
    Facebook online trends:
    1. Around 70% of Facebook users live outside of the U.S. and the site is available in over 70 different languages for targeting international customers.
    2. 400 million people log into their Facebook profile at least once every month, 50% of these people are on the site every day.
    3. Women aged 55 and up are the fastest growing Facebook demographic in America. – this one really surprise me because I didn’t think that this group will improve their social media skills that fast
    4. Advertisers can use profile information to market specifically to certain users.

    Twitter online trends:
    1. Twitter has a user retention rate of 40%
    2. Most tweets are Babble, Conversational, or Pass Along Value (Retweets)
    3. The most popular time to tweet is from 4PM to 10Pm Eastern Standard Time – which means ‘after work’
    4. There is an equal population of male and female members of Twitter.
    5. The highest demographic for Twitter is people aged 18 to 34.

    As I can see it – there is a great potential and we need to know exactly where our customer is ….and wait there for them 🙂