Your Personal Infographic

    Do you like infographics? I do
    Would you like to create your own personal infographic based on your data? I would

Thanks to Kathy Jacobs from Vitamin CH I was able to find helps you to create visualization of data.

story + data + design _ twitterize

    This is just the beginning because guys from are preparing something way much better
    So far you can create very simple Twitter personal infographic like this one:

klaudia_infographic_aug 2011

    I believe that as long as images/visualization/videos have more “power” to get to us than words – we will see more and more applications which allow us to create infographics, etc. I hope we will be able to use application which connect data from (at least) few biggest social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, WordPress.
    I can’t wait.

Small business vs. social media

clock_timeI have no idea how I found out that article on The Sydney Morning HeraldFinancial planner spins a social media web but I think it’s worth to read.

There is interview with David Linco who is small business owner – as an example how small business can use the social media tools. How to NOT spend that much money and at the same time be able to do it on your own (on a small scale) and help yourself to make money.

The traditional marketing had become expensive for a lot of small business. So what small companies can do in that situation: no money but still need to take care of the marketing – USE SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS! most of them are for free (which is great).

What David Linco used so far were:

  • webinar (tool: GoToWebinar
  • email marketing (tool: MailChimp)
  • Linkedin (subscription to groups on
  • videos (tool: youtube)
  • As you can see this is NOT that complicated and you don’t have to spend much money but don’t forget that you will need to spend quite a bit of time to figure it out what is the best for you.

    1. GoToWebinar
    2. MailChimp
    3. linkedin
    4. youtube