Your Health vs. Social Media

image by Miss Chicken via Flickr

(…) I argue constantly that if people gave up a little privacy it would likely make them and the rest of us a lot healthier. (…)

    I understand that it means changing one of the most important part of our privacy perception – giving up and publishing our health’s status. I get it, I know that there can be something good about this – like saving life, getting rid off the rush quicker and maybe cheaper – because some pharma company/doctor/on-line friend/etc. can suggest some medicine we may use or information about someone (who?) may help us, providing us with important health updates, etc. I would like to focus on another aspect of that issue – giving up the last frontier of our privacy, giving up/sharing our health information.
    ok,ok….when you look at this issue, we are already sharing some of that: Facebook checking-in to medical places (dentist, hospital, pharmacy, etc.) or updating our Facebook or Twitter status by posting comments such as: “I’m sick today, that’s my 5th cold this year”. And I think that this is just the beginning. So what’s next? What we will do next?:
  • how many health related information are we willing to share via social media?
  • who wants to get to those information?
  • what 3rd parties would like to do with that kind of knowledge about our health?
    I think that if there is more information about our health, there will be someone (individual or organization) willing to interact and do something (bad or good) with that information – wow, that doesn’t sound good.

image by 28misguidedsouls' photos via Getty Images

Just think about big pharmaceutical industry, it’s big, has a great budget for marketing research, wants to get to as much as possible information about our health. And what about insurance industry? same thing.

    What do you think about that?
    How many information are you already giving up via social media?

Where Do I Find Free Background Music to My Presentation or Video?


    …so you decided to create a youtube video or maybe you want to record your presentation using e.g. camstudio? That’s really great, do it!

    …but you want to add also background music and don’t know where to find free one?

before you start searching the internet for free background music you should make sure that:

  • copy rights — The problem is that not too many people think about copy rights and they want to use “The Beatles”, “Rolling Stones”, “Cold Play”, etc. I know it would be great – but as long as we don’t have rights to do that – lets just simply not even try.
  • if you know that you can use the music in your presentation/video – make sure to add the composer’s name or www at the end of your video

Here are some websites where you can find background music:

  • incompetech — songs are divided into several categories so it helps you to find the right for you
  • danosongs — Dan-O is a creative musician and he is sharing his music with others for free
  • melogyloops
  • jewelbeat— free background music
  • Jam Studio — here something different for those who want to try compose song by themselves
    There are a lot of website with free music – remember to search for “royalty free” keywords.

Why Do You Use and Need Twitter?

Michael R. H. Stewart, president of Jericho Technology published interesting post regarding Twitter Twitter is Not for Twits!. After that post I asked myself a question: Why Twitter? Why do we use Twitter? What do we need? What is the purpose?

    …so why do you use Twitter?
  • to learn
  • to listen
  • to communicate
  • to say something
  • to be closer
  • to promote yourself
  • to check your competitors

What I did was to check the Twitter website and this is what I found :

Do You Know How Many Apps Apple is Offering?

I just checked Randy Krum’s Cool Infographic website and I found interesting infographic – “Apple Approves 500,000 Apps…and counting”

What do you think — how many apps are available by Apple? And how many Apple apps have you already purchased? How much money did you already spend at the iTunes store?

here’s the answer (the part of the infographic, the rest you can see on Randy site):

part photo via frenchiphone or coolinfographics
I am wondering how many more will be created till the end of 2011. We will see…

Site Optimization Testing – webinar

palm tree_black and white

    I am at the webinar: Lose Your Gut (Feel) in 60 Minutes: Site Optimization Testing Boot Camp

Great webinar by Linda Bustos the director of ecommerce research for Elastic Path Software during Inbound Marketing World Webinar Series provided by Hubspot.

This webinar was all about:

  • When and why to use A/B split testing vs. multivariate
  • How to design high impact tests
  • Common testing “gotchas” and how to avoid them
  • How to choose the right tool for you

How to Check if Your Brand-Name is Really Yours?

toolsHave you every wonder if your brand/company name is ‘only’ yours?
Are you the only one how is using your company name?

Companies names/brands/trademarked terms are available (or stolen) on Social Media networks – how to check that?

Using Knowem
you can check who is using your company/brand name. You can also reserve that name.

On Knowem website you can find information:

KnowEm allows you to check for the use of your brand, product, personal name or username instantly on over 550 popular and emerging social media websites. Grab your name and secure your brand before someone else does.

Since April of 2009 KnowEm has been tracking and monitoring hundreds of social media networks populated mostly with user-generated content.

additional useful information is that one of Knowem‘s business advisor is Brian Solis

What’s the Social Media Big Trio?

Have you ever wonder where should you ‘be’ in social media? which social media application you should use? We all know that there are a lot of social media application: SocialMediaLandscape2011
image by fred cavazza

Did you know where exactly you should start your journey with social media?

Maybe the best way is to start from setting your accounts on Big Trio: social media big trio

  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter

Those are (so far) the biggest and most popular social media platforms. You can stay connected with your friends/family/business partners via those three.

You should ask yourself a few questions before you set up your accounts/profiles:

  • private or business or both — will you use those applications to communicate with your friends/family or business partners/customers
  • will you use your mobile or computer or both to access to your social media accounts
  • how often will you update your profiles? — if you want to build the number of followers on Twitter, or make sure your Facebook fans are checking your Facebook page status often

Whether you will decide to have private or professional profile on one of those three platforms – make sure you are consistent. Start from that and then discover more social media platforms.

How to Increase Number of Your Twitter Followers?

dogs sleep…so you want to become a big player on Twitter and drive traffic to your business?

I attended a really interesting and ‘fast’ webinar by Chris Plourde from Insomnia Marketing Group

Chris explained how we can drive traffic via Twitter or more specific: what we need to do to get more followers on Twitter.

few of Chris’ tips:

  • follow people who follow you — if you won’t follow those who follow you, they might un-follow you
  • Twitter Direct Message — remember to send ‘thank you” DM to those who follow you + add link to your Linkedin/Facebook account to stay connected in the rest of Big Trio (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter)
  • use Twitter search — to find more people to follow
  • Twitter counter — provides statistics of Twitter usage and tracks. Free application
  • twittercounter.chart_may 2011

  • follow people from your niche — follow people who follow your “Twitter superstars’ from your niche
  • use 3rd party apps — e.g. TweetDeck, HootSuite, etc. – help you to organize your social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, wordpress, Linkedin)
  • TweetAdder — Automate Twitter Promotion & Marketing application. All Prices are one time (Lifetime Updates on Program)